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Back to school tips to keep your child healthy

Back to pencils, teachers, books and hopefully not dirty looks. But one thing is certain when children return to school-are exposed to loads of germs and other factors that could endanger their health, such as healthy school lunches and lack of activity.

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When it comes to the fall season, we have some tips to keep your kids (and all his family) healthy. Here it goes:

1. put on the right track when it comes to a healthy weight. Childhood obesity is increasing and we have some amazing tips experts to help them develop healthy eating habits and maintain a healthy weight .

2. Make active children with the game. I’m not sure how to get your kids away from the TV? Click here for 10 tips to get your kids to be more active .

3. packing healthy lunches. Instead of fighting with the children about what they do and do not like, do to help you make your meals and grocery store, so it is more likely to do something that they will enjoy rather than trade. Click here for the better to return to school lunch ideas .

4. They help children manage germs. Learn all about colds and flu (and most natural ways to treat them ) and teach children the basics. Then ask them to practice these habits at home and at school. Things like washing hands and not sharing food and not put your fingers in the eyes or mouth can help reduce your chances of bringing home a mistake.

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