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Awful! China Is Selling Live Animals As Jewelry

There are Several ways humans Have abused animals as forms of entertainment THROUGHOUT the years, Whether it Involves forcing them to preform in circuses, treating them as toys ride around on in rodeos, or trapping them in cages while people surround them, and forcibly try petting them at county fairs.

However, a shocking new trend in China tops the list of animal cruelty, and its been going on for a surprisingly long time. Here’s how vendors are turning live animals into keychains and selling them to the public …

Living jewelry.

Back in 2011 whos CNN Reported on This while They Were in china, but even With the average exposure has-been little done to stop esta horrifying trend, and it is still going strong today.

Reporters discovered That turtles, fish, and various other small amphibians are being packaged in water filled plastic pouches, and being sold on the streets of China while they’re sill alive.These little pouches are pocket sized, and the animals leave almost no room to swim around.

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