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Audi will finally get rid of all knobs and buttons

Are you ready for a full screen Audi?

Technological advances in automotive design are inevitable. Car manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to make things easier, more elegant and, in most cases, better. Take the headlights for example. Gone are the days when we first used gas light to give humanity the ability to drive at night. Today, laser technology is becoming rampant; That only tells us that we have come a long way in terms of technological advances.

Among those who have been at the forefront of automotive progress is Audi. In its RS Q8, and in most of its newer cars, three screens fill the dashboard: instrument cluster, infotainment system and climate control, almost eliminating all the buttons and knobs that you will usually see in cars. Yes, fortunately there is still a volume knob.

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However, the German brand does not stop there. According to a report by Engine authorityMarc Lichte, Audi design chief, said he wants to completely get rid of the buttons and knobs inside future Audi cars. Now i said completely because Lichte's vision of Audi vehicles comes with a cabin full of screens and an augmented reality.

This means that future Audi cars will have a smaller instrument cluster that shows less information to make way for the futuristic display screen that uses augmented reality. The two huge screens in the center of the board will also merge into a single huge touch screen panel, creating a perfect appearance.

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Marc Lichte is on a roll this year:

But Lichte understands that exclusive touch controls are not to everyone's liking, so there will still be an alternative way to adjust the audio volume of your Audi, but not a knob.

That said, we are excited to see how Audi will execute its future designs. Lichte mentioned in the Motor Authority's report that the changes will be an evolution and not a revolution to avoid surprising his customers.

Source: https://www.motor1.com/news/387927/audi-removing-buttons-knobs-future/

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