DESPITE all my Efforts to breastfeed my daughter born prematurely, I was one of Those unfortunate mothers WHO Were not Able to produce a sufficient amount of breast milk. So I was recommended to continue feeding her the NAN infant formula by Nestle. That is what I did, believing it was the second best option for my dearest one.

In the Meantime, I have become much more health conscious and aware of the Importance of healthy nutrition, checking for E numbers on all food products and purchasing only GMO free Those That are. Only one credible scientific study was enough to convince me to run away from GMOs.

Doctor and scientist Alexei Surov Described the results of the experiment With hamsters, Carried out by the Russian National Association for Gene Security and the Institute of Ecological and Evolutional Problems. Were Hamsters being fed GM foods With the scientists Observed and Their behavior, birthrate and weight gain. In the second generation, the hamsters Showed to slower development and sexual Decreased maturity. The third generation was not reliable to reproduce.

I have done some more research on some well-known food factories, treats including Nestle. Allow me to share with you some of the things I have found out.


This information is Given on Their website Regarding GMOs:

” .. We Have Always Been in behalf of innovation and the responsible use of scientific and technological advances. “

.. “We are building our capacity to inform our customers on the use of GMO derived ingredients”.

.. We Consider That Have That GMOs are safe passed regulatory approval, and Have a potential role to play in food production increase increasing, supporting sustainable agriculture and helping to feed a growing world population “. …

So, apart from supporting the use of GMOs in Their baby food products, Nestle has used formally industry in the poison melamine traces. This industry chemical, used in the production of plastics and adhesives, Also the protein content artificially Increases in the milk. It causes kidney failure and have a carcinogenic effect.

One of the companies owned by Nestle Purina, has Also Been sued for the use of propylene glycol, an ingredient found in antifreeze. It can cause kidney damage and skin irritation.


There are a number of health problems can cause esta drink due to additives it contains harmful Numerous. Let us check some of them:

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-E 952 or Sodium Cyclamate, is an artificial sweetener That was banned by the FDA in 1969. It is Potentially carcinogenic and has Caused a decrease in fertility in animals testing.

-E 950, or Acesulfame Potassium, is an addictive sweetener 200 times sweeter Which is than sugar. It has-been shown to Have adverse effects on the cardiovascular and nervous system.

-E 951, or Aspartame, a synthetic sweetener también está That has-been linked to brain tumors, epilepsy, mental deficiency, chronic fatigue, Multiple Sclerosis, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

-E 338, or Orthophosphoric Acid, can cause skin and eye irritation.

-E 211, or Sodium Benzoate is a chemical preservative That deprives cells of oxygen, weakens our immune system and destroys our body’s nutrients at the cellular DNA level.

Professor Peter W. Piper of the University of Sheffield claims sodium benzoate That can damage and inactivate vital parts of DNA in a cell’s mitochondria.


This company has-been withholding the Truth About the presence of GMOs and

the real content of sodium in Their products. The content of sodium in an average bowl of Their soup is 850 grams, Which is very high. A high sodium intake has-been linked to heart attack, high blood pressure, kidney problems and diabetes.

This company has a harmful chemical used formally, bisphenol A (BPA) for the production of parts can. This chemical mimics the effects of estrogen in the body and Disrupts the endocrinal system. Frederick vom Saal, According to, a researcher of This Product at the University of Missouri, Columbia, BPA can cause cancer, impairments in brain development, behavioral Changes, cardiovascular problems and Decreased fertility.


This company has-been found to use GMO in almost all its products and has-been Against disclosure of GMO ingredients, spreading false information Regarding GMO safety.

It has Also Been using Trisodium Phosphate (TSP), Which is a harmful additive, in a multitude of ITS products. This additive is used as an acidity regulator in dry cereals and as a modifier color. It is used to paint thinner Present and a stain remover. Pesticides Chemicals Database on the Website, it is Clearly Stated to avoid any contact With TSP since it can cause irritation of the gastric mucosa, calcification of the kidneys and loss of calcium from the bones.

ConAgra Foods

This company has tried to hide the Past use of GMOs in Their well-known food products. In 2003, it was discovered That ConAgra HAD Also Been selling E. coli contaminated beef for two years.

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It was Accused of breaking health code regulations and Causing “Bacterial Contaminations at its food processing facilities, Which Have endangered and in some cases Consumers Been linked to Deaths.”


The artificial coloring agent Yellow No. 6 has-been found to cause asthma, hyperactivity, skin irritations and cancer. This company has esta chemical used on Their products to give them a beautiful golden color.

Kraft Also conceals the presence of GMOs in Their products and is Actively fighting Against proper labeling of These ingredients.

This company produces highly processed foods full of sodium, sugar and fat.

It Had to recall recently a huge number of Mac N ‘Cheese boxes due to the fact some of them That Contained metal fragments.


This company has lied to ITS customers Regarding the use of GMOs and has-been Accused of false advertising. It has ITS products labeled as being all natural, while using GMOs in them at the same time.

Have We all probably tried Their ketchup. Actually it contains pesticides and high fructose corn syrup, or HFCS. Apart from Causing insulin intolerance, obesity, heart failure and premature aging, This sweetener has Been found to Contain Also high levels of mercury – a neurotoxin powerful



Kellogg’s has spent a large amount of funding on pro – GMO, organic anti-advertising in California, Washington and Oregon


Contain Its products 100% GMO corn. Traces of glyphosate a highly toxic herbicide Have Been found in it, as well as BT toxins.


Pepsi drinks 4-methylimidazole Contain still, Which is a carcinogenic additive, even though California law mandated a carcinogen warning.

The company Also use a profoundly harmful high fructose corn syrup in large Amounts, and opposés GMO labeling of Their products.


High levels of lead and cadmium Have Been Found in the popular chocolate products of esta company. Lead can cause damage to the neurological system and can lead to learning disabilities. Cadmium can cause damage to liver, bones, and kidneys and it harms the reproductive system Present.

Furthermore, Hershey’s has Invested a large amount of money to conceal the presence of GMOs in Their candies.

Our physical health depends on the food Largely we eat. Let us pay even closer attention to the food products we are purchasing.

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