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Atleast 140 People Killed On Paris' Major Terrorist Attack

French people are now horrified after a series of several terrorist attacks in different parts of Paris killed hundreds of people on Friday night. The attackers appeared to hit at random in fashionable neighborhoods when many people would be starting to enjoy the weekend. police and the media present in the city are reporting a maximum of 140 people have died, including 118 in the Bataclan concert hall, where an unknown number of gunmen stormed in the place where the American band of death metal to perform and where concert-goers were taken hostage for several hours Eagles are scheduled. French news service said up to 100 hostages may have been there – many of whom apparently were killed later. Some accounts of these grenades had was thrown into the music room. One witness said the attackers shouted “Allahu Akbar” ( “God is great”) before shooting into the crowd, it was. reportedly as large as 1,500 Another witness who escaped from the concert hall told reporters: “When I started shooting the flashes we just saw people have. on the floor immediately. “ French police then launched an incursion into the concert hall, killing three armed men and the release of an unspecified number of concertgoers, according press reports.
In connection with the attack, police confirmed that a busy restaurants just around the corner from the concert hall was attacked, killing around a dozen. The Associated Press also quoted that at least two explosions were heard outside the Stade de France, the main sports stadium in the country in a football match France-Germany was running, forcing the evacuation of French President present in the game. Reuters also reported that another shooting in Les Halles, a popular shopping center in Paris, took place later that night. It was learned later that the AK-47 automatic rifles were used in the shooting a favorite weapon of the militants, as the Islamic group State (ISIS), the extremist group base in Syria and Iraq. but there was no immediate claim, however, Twitter exploded with messages holding members and sympathizers of the Islamic state which is under the assault of the great powers, including the United States, France and Russia. French President Francois Hollande, later declared a state of emergency for the country, which will close French borders. comparisons were immediately drawn to the Charlie Hebdo attack in January when gunmen stormed the satirical newspaper that had printed the images of the Muslim prophet Muhammad, killing 12 and wounding 11.
(Source: Rappler )

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