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Asafoetida Benefits for Health

No Do you like the distinctive flavor of lentils, cooked the way of India? Asafoetida imparts this earthy flavor to recipes of lentils and basically is used to prevent and relieve flatulence.

Ferula asafoetida is an herb of family Apiaceae , which also includes other plants popular herbs such as dill, celery, parsley, fennel, cumin and carrots. Asafoetida oleo gum resin is obtained from various species of Ferula incision in the roots and rhizomes living. Fraction is rubber, resins and volatile oils. It is native to the Middle East and in Iraq grows, India and Turkey.

Asafetida also infamously called “devil’s dung” because of its pungent smell, Hing, asant, stinking gum, gum giant fennel or asafoetida.


asafoetida is widely used as a natural food flavoring in various foods. The stem and roots of the asafoetida contain a milky substance rich in organic sulfur. This substance is dried and mixed with rice flour for cooking. This type of flour has been very popular in the United States for many years. In India, asafoetida is used in lentils, stews, soups, stir-fried vegetables and meats.

asafoetida is advisable to incorporate in everyday cooking to reap the health benefits asafetida. Asafetida can be added to all types of food such as lentils, beans, rice or vegetables.

asafetida in hot oil cooking tempered reduces its strong pungent odor. It is best to cook foods covered so acquired is delicate flavor. The meat can be made in a marinade that includes asafoetida.

Asafoetida is used as a fragrance for the manufacture of cosmetics and as a flavoring agent in many cuisines, various foods and drinks. It is used as a preservative for pickles. It is also used in products that are used to repel cats, dogs and other wild and rodents.

Asafetida health benefits:

Asafetida has been used for medicinal purposes for many years. It is said to have antispasmodic, carminative and expectorant properties. Asafoetida is to relieve stomach ailments, gas, bloating, anxiety disorders, cold symptoms, fungal infections and chronic fatigue. It is used to treat respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and swine flu H1N1.

  • Asafetida can effectively cure irritable bowel syndrome, stomach pain, irritable bowel syndrome and gas in the stomach.
  • Asafetida also used for the treatment of hoarse throat and whooping cough also. It is used by many women to restart measurement after menopause or in certain cases where mensuration has stopped due to some reason.
  • It is known

  • Asafetida also to be used as a remedy for the treatment of corns and calluses.
  • People suffering from medical conditions such as depression, dementia, hysteria or convulsions also used for the treatment asafetida. It can also be used as a nerve stimulant to relieve physical and mental fatigue.
  • One of the benefits asafoetida is also believed to have contraceptive properties. Traditional medicines for contraception include asafoetida.
  • asafoetida is used to counteract the negative long-term effects alcohol consumption , which is responsible for causing severe liver damage. To combat these circumstances, asafoetida phytochemicals are beneficial to prevent hepatotoxicity caused by ethanol.
  • Asafetida is a good natural remedy for colicky babies. Placing a small amount of hot asafoetida in the baby’s stomach has been found to provide a great relief.
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Some of the benefits important asafoetida health are:

  1. prevents constipation: Asafetida has excellent laxative properties. It prevents constipation and provides relief from digestive disorders and flatulence. A pinch of asafetida with prostheses buttermilk cleansing the digestive system and reduces stomach gas.
  2. Relieves Migraine: Asafetida is to effectively provide migraine relief. Asafoetida granules can be dissolved in water and can be consumed by headaches and migraines decompression .
  3. lowers blood pressure :. Asafetida has anti-coagulant properties and also helps lower blood pressure
  4. relieves pain measurement Asafetida offers excellent health benefits for women. Alleviates menstrual pain and provides relief from pain measurement. It also helps combat excessive measurement, dysmenorrhea, vaginal discharge and treatment of candida infection.
  5. lowers levels of blood sugar :. Cooking bitter gourd and adding asafoetida it helps to reduce the level of blood sugar
  6. rich in minerals: The active compounds in asafetida are rubber, resin, ash and volatile oil. These contain fiber, carbohydrates and protein. Asafoetida is enriched with minerals like calcium and phosphorus as well.

Side effects of asafoetida:

Asafoetida is found to be relatively non-toxic. Research shows that eating 15 grams asafetida did not result in any side effects. Asafoetida dosage depends on several factors such as age and health of the user and various other factors.

Certain side effects are observed due to excessive intake of asafoetida. Keep in mind that natural products are not always safe for consumption in large quantities. They can lead to complications if the doses used for medicinal purposes are not controlled. It is recommended to follow the dosage as product labels and consult a health professional before use. Some of the common side effects are too asafoetida use are:

  1. Nausea :. asafoetida consumption can cause symptoms such as nausea or vomiting
  2. Gas :. People who are using asafoetida for herbal treatment are prone to problems such as stomach gas
  3. excessive burping :. asafoetida intake in large doses can cause gastrointestinal irritation and excessive burping
  4. throat irritation :. Prolonged use of asafoetida can cause throat irritation in some people
  5. Diarrhea :. Certain treatments can cause asafoetida diarrhea with abdominal gas, loose motions and burping
  6. Skin irritation: Asafetida obtained from two species of Ferula has irritant properties and may cause dermatitis contact some people. Asafoetida also found to cause rashes, itching and reddening of the skin.
  7. The dizziness and headaches :. When asafoetida consumed in large doses can lead to headaches and then lack of concentration, problems with movement and dizziness
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Asafetida is a resin oil rubber compound and its components differ depending on the species used. Asafoetida is commonly used in food preparations. However, it is not advisable to use the difference in food consumption, since there is little evidence of its use herbal.

Some research shows that asafoetida could protect against high cholesterol levels and triglycerides in the blood. chemicals called coumarins found in the asafetida has the ability to thin the blood. Also it found to be effective for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.

There are certain contraindications and warnings for use of asafoetida.

  • The administration of asafoetida infants should be avoided at all costs as it causes an oxidizing effect on fetal hemoglobin, resulting in methemoglobinemia.
  • Excessive doses of asafetida may interfere with some therapy treatments as hypertensive, hypotensive therapy and anticoagulant therapy.
  • asafoetida consumption in small doses during pregnancy may not cause any damage. However, it should be strictly avoided by nursing mothers.
  • Asafetida is also unsafe for people suffering from gastrointestinal irritation.
  • Asafetida may interact with antihypertensive drugs that are intended to high blood pressure .
  • Asafetida may also interact with anticoagulants or antiplatelet drugs that are intended to reduce clotting.

It is best to consult a doctor before consuming asafoetida in large doses to treat certain health conditions such as nervous disorders, liver problems and heart disease. The side effects caused in most cases are short and can be easily treated.

Asafoetida health benefits have been known for centuries. However, take care when consuming large doses of asafetida to avoid further health problems or complications.

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