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Artificial Sweeteners: Why These “Healthier” Alternatives Are Toxic To Your Gut

In an attempt to be healthy, trying to find alternative ways to get our sugar solution. If you are reaching for a diet soda or maybe try “sugar”, “these healthier alternatives” are toxic to your gut. The average person (especially women) can admit that I have a sweet tooth and treat ourselves to these lighter options loaded with artificial sweeteners actually it does more harm than good.

No refined sugar is good for your body, and although these products have claims without sugar, chemicals that do not contain are safer for you. Aspartame, in particular (which can be found in the Coca-Cola Light), it has millions of Americans hopelessly addicted. While you think you’re doing you a favor by reaching the diet products to limit their sugar intake, these strange chemical concoctions greatly affect your intestinal health. And because? Because these magic molecules get you addicted quickly, and are harmful to our intestinal health in many ways:

The interruption of digestive function

When artificial sweeteners they enter our body, almost instantly altering the healthy balance of bacteria in our gut. In a study to mark changes artificial sweeteners gut health, participants consumed artificial sweeteners daily for one week, and only that period of time, many began to show glucose intolerance. Including this, all were recorded as changes in the composition of their intestinal bacteria. When the composition of the intestinal health is compromised, it invites digestive problems such as bloating, constipation and / or diarrhea, malabsorption and even a weakened immune system.

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observed side effects of artificial sweeteners:

oie_xpadhabq1ula-1 through bodymindandvoice.com

Chemical reactions increase appetite

recent studies revealed that artificial sweeteners trick the brain and cause metabolic disorders as a result. Our metabolism works to regulate the amount of food we eat and helps us feel full after eating. When this is significantly imbalanced overeat as our complex satiety is ineffective. This is because most artificial sweeteners we consume passes through our digestive tract without being digested first. So when they reach our intestines, these aggressive chemicals are directly our intestinal bacteria and destroy delicate.

increased risk of diabetes

The point of reaching for sugar substitutes for many people is to give them the taste of sugar without the calories, but this does not come without a attached health cost. You think you will lose weight, choosing “healthier” option, but all this does is damage your gut. In a study with mice, scientist gave mice drinking water mixed with artificial sweeteners (such as saccharin, aspartame and sucralose) and the mice developed gluten intolerance as a result. The scary thing is, gluten intolerance is a precursor to more serious illnesses, such as type 2 diabetes

See the table below for a comprehensive study conducted on female participants in the span of 14 years

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Graph-for-Vit-D-Alzheim-post.001 through drperimutter.com

All sweeteners artificial are equal, that is, all our bad!

Equal, Sweet’N Low, Splenda, Stevia, regardless of the type or brand, they are all equally bad for your intestinal health. These can be found in everything from diet sodas, protein bars, sports drinks and even gum , and often not even realize it, unless it was to read the label. Before reaching those little miracle packages thing again. They all have side effects that can dangerously affect your intestinal health. Not only do these chemical substitutes damage the intestine, but have also been directly related to cancer and heart disease .

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