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Armless man feeds his 91-year-old mum using his mouth

Chen, 48 degree armless -old in Tongxin village of Chongqing city in southwest China, had to feed her mother in her own way. Grab a spoon with his mouth, raises food, feed and food scoop her mother. That would repeat many times until her mother shakes her head. Chen lost his arm due to an electric shock at the age of 7. But he learns all the skills household chores and agricultural work, like any other man in his village. When he was 20, his father died. Like his older brothers had gone home, his mother became the only person who kept the poor family going. With their hard work, a property of 24 sheep, two Asian buffaloes, four hens, and dried tripe hanging on the ceiling was won. incredible strength of character disabled man has been captured in a series of photographs that has recently emerged in motion. (Source: SocialTrendsPh )

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