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Are You Using This Popular But Cancer-Causing Johnson & Johnson Shampoo?

Johnson & Johnson admits: Our baby products containing formaldehyde causes cancer

When you think about your baby, you go for the best possible care guided by the expectation that baby products are safe and protected or approved by professionals alike “FDA” for example!? So they prepare for this irony: Johnson & Johnson baby shampoos contain two chemicals that cause cancer. What is even more terrible is that the ad says “No more tears” , but actually contains skin and chemical irritants eyes with lotion bedtime, the famous “babies are tested sleep better” , while on the contrary the skin under the influence of these two highly dangerous and cancerous chemicals Quaternum -15 and 1,4-dioxane.

baby wash

For two years the environmental health groups have been insisting on the removal of these two cancer-causing chemicals in baby shampoos Johnson & Johnson.

Quaternium 15- releases formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a, the known cancer causing chemical certificate. It is Vapors irritate the eyes, skin, respiratory tract and is directly responsible for causing leukemia.
Cosmetic insurance. Org have stated that:


the following 1,4 – dioxane, is “probably” carcinogen, and is found in the products of Johnson & Johnson:
* baby Shampoo
* oatmeal baby Wash
* Moisture care baby wash and
* Aveeno baby soothing relief Creamy wash

What is the reason behind the slow response of Johnson & Johnson to stop the use of these two toxic ingredients for lots US?

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25 environmental and medical groups were a part of The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. On October 31, requiring Johnson & Johnson “undertake to remove chemicals from all products by 15 November.” The Campaign also recommended to all consumers to reject Johnson & Johnson products until they respond appropriately.

Johnson & Johnson came up with this Answer:

“We have been the elimination of use of preservatives that release small amounts of formaldehyde to prevent bacterial contamination. These preservatives technologies, which are widely used in our industry are safe and approved in countries where they are sold … in the last couple of years, we have already reduced number of formulations worldwide with these preservatives ‘formaldehyde liberators’ by 33% and in the US by more than 60%.
are completing this reformulation as soon as possible safely and responsibly do so. as part of the manufacturing process, we have extensive monitoring to ensure that the amount of a trace byproduct known as “1,4-dioxane” in any of our products is well below the level the Food and Drug Administration of the United States and regulatory agencies around the world considered safe.

… We have introduced new product formulations for consumers who prefer natural, such as JOHNSON’S® Natural® products, a line that is 98% natural and does not contain preservatives that release formaldehyde or traces of 1,4-dioxane. “

Never least as sensitive as it may sound, in fact, there are two ” problems “ with his statement:

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1. Johnson & Johnson and sell its chemical free shampoos cancer in countries that have banned these chemicals carcinogens, There is so much they do not have to go through the reformulation of products

2. Johnson & Johnson “Naturals” brand name -Product double costs that unloved “natural” does not have any of the elements formaldehyde release, therefore they defecate responsibility saying “we are finishing this reformulation as soon as possible safely and responsibility to do so” .

Countries that have banned Quaternum -15 and consume baby shampoos Johnson & Johnsom not contain Quaternum 15 are:
Denmark Finland Japan

Netherlands Sweden South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Jezebel declared that

“It is not that the company withdrew an ingredient essential to meet environmental restrictions in these countries. While some have banned the use of quaternium-15, it is unclear why some of these countries are being treated with the carcinogen-free shampoo. ”

Note that these formaldehyde release or containing preservatives are hidden behind other names just to confuse consumers or which are not mentioned in the list in absolute. 1. 4 dioxane is a toxin that contaminates instead of being a preservative antibacterial properties.

Formaldehyde is plotted on other ingredients of products such as:
* Quaternium-15
* DMDM ​​Hydantoin
* Imidazolidinyl urea
Diazolidinyl urea *

1,4-dioxane is plotted as a byproduct of these elements:
* PEG-100 stearate
* sodium lauryl ether sulfate
* sodium sulfate miret
* Polyethylene
* Ceteareth – 20

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