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Are You Drinking Too Much Water?

There are several advantages sanitary drinking water . It is vital to our normal bodily functions. As dehydration is bad for our health, Hydration is equally dangerous. Excess water intake can lead to water intoxication resulting in low sodium levels in the blood, which in turn may adversely affect their health. Here are a few signs that you could tell if you’re drinking too much water than necessary.

1. Drink even when not thirsty

Are you Drinking Too Much Water

Our body has a mechanism (One of these mechanisms is thirst) to fight dehydration. The best way to know if your body needs more water is to be aware of whether or not the sensation of thirst is actually. The more water your body needs, the thirstier you get. Symptoms of dehydration

2. Constantly drinking water

Are you Drinking Too Much Water

Are you someone who carries water bottle constantly replenished every time the water finishes, then you might be someone who is drinking too much water.

Excess water affects sodium levels in the bloodstream. It reduces the level of sodium, making all the body cells swell and turn could lead to water intoxication. How do they affect sodium levels that their health

3. Frequent urination at night

Are you Drinking Too Much Water

If you often is waking up in the middle of the night to urinate, it could be a sign that you are drinking too much water. If the person is urinating more than 10 times a day, you might be drinking more water than your body really needs.

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4. Severe headache

Are you Drinking Too Much Water

bad head pain could be a sign of both excess hydration and dehydration. Excess water reduces the concentration of salt in our body so that the body cells swell. Same things that happen in the brain. When you drink too much water, your brain grows in size and exerts a pressure that can cause a throbbing headache.

5. Have the urine Clear

Are you Drinking Too Much Water

strawhull healthy drinking water amount of urine resulting clear yellow. But if you have clear urine, no pigmentation at all, which could be a sign that you are drinking too much water. normal amount of water varies between patterns of height, weight and exercise of an individual.

6. Feeling nauseous

Are you Drinking Too Much Water

Symptoms of dehydration and hydration are somewhat similar, such as nausea and vomiting. Excess water intake could affect kidney function as a result of which the kidneys become unable to get rid of excess fluid, which could lead to vomiting, diarrhea and nausea.

7. muscle cramps and weakness

Are you Drinking Too Much Water

Drinking normal amount of water helps maintain a healthy body and fully operational. Excess water intake affects electrolyte levels in the body. This involved electrolyte levels can lead to various health problems such as muscle spasms and cramps. Natural sources of electrolytes

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