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Are You An Earth Angel? Here are 21 Signs

I will never forget that fateful day.

I was standing at an intersection to cross the street to my bus stop when a car came speeding through the intersection followed by a trail of police cars.

Fast car hit another car at the intersection and both spun across the road.

debris and glass flew everywhere and I could not help but notice that if I had taken another step along that path probably would not be alive telling this story.

Needless to say I was shocked. I stood there unable to move for some time, watching the victims emerge from the cars. I’m not sure how long I was there.

finally he crossed the road, still shaken, when this guy came up to me.

He was short in stature with black hair and olive skin and immediately asked if I was okay. I nodded, but I could not say much more. Then he opened his grocery stores carrying and pulled out a piece of bread.

“Carbohydrates are good for the crash,” he said as a piece ripped in half. I thanked him and took the bread, not knowing whether I eat or not. He stood there smiling and reassuring.

When the bus they asked me what would get let off at arrived. Reluctantly, I told the bus driver and he told the driver to stop at my stop, then he grabbed her groceries and walked away.

I was surprised that did not get on the bus, but when I looked back to see what direction he went, he was gone.

I was too shocked to notice then, but then could not help wondering about this strange encounter. I felt bad that there was not really thanked him but I thought I’d see him again. I never did it.

It was not until many months later that I realized that this meeting could have been great with an angel on earth.

Angels Earth are everywhere and they were sent to learn certain things about the human condition and to guide human beings on earth.

Angels Earth are usually Spiritual Guides in training, or spiritual guides who have been sent back to Earth in order to learn or heal others.

Some Earth Angels can know and feel that they are different and are often aware of their spiritual duties, while others forget and have difficulty managing their lives on Earth.

Here are 21 signs that it is possible for an earth angel:

– You have experienced an awakening very early and perhaps always were attracted to nature, mythical creatures and the meaning of life

– You seem wise beyond his years and often carry a very worldly power

– even foreigners tend to ventilate their problems and frustrations, and who delight in being able to help them

– You do not feel called to do one thing, in fact, sometimes you can fight with the feeling of grounding and search your goal

– You are interested in philosophy, alternative methods of healing and metaphysical

– You have an intense and deep personality and are not afraid to dig deep within your psyche and the psyche of others to find the truth

– You may feel a constant struggle to align with the physical world, this can manifest as struggling to cope with the limits and ego

-Relationships may be difficult for you to handle as you may find yourself attracted to abusive partners or those with deep emotional problems

– It is very likely that you are bi-sexual or have an attraction to men and women

– You may not feel the need to “settle down”, get married, find a partner or having children

– You try to align with social expectations, but you have a very difficult time doing it, or

seeking these things can leave an empty feeling

– You are very intuitive and often anticipate events before they occur, is also very in tune with the needs of others

– you are very connected to your Team Spirit and has been since I can remember

– Feeling protection of children, nature and other vulnerable beings; these beings are also often attracted to you

– His emotions feel deep, heavy at times and can fluctuate from positive to negative; you have an understanding of light and dark emotions

– It is possible that often “space” or have vivid dreams or dreams, lucid dreaming or astral projection

– you have an innate understanding of the potential and the magic of the Universe

– Your life may undergo many radical changes and may move back and

– You are floating or moving abruptly from side to side, as you feel guided or inspired to do

– You can not have stability, but always seem to be taken care of their basic needs, like money, housing, food, etc.

– You feel the desire to go home

We are all here to help others and ourselves to evolve to a higher state of consciousness and universal love, regardless of whether you are an earth angel or not.

However, if you’re really curious if you are an earth angel, why not ask your team spirit to send a signal, sleep or message to confirm.

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