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Apple’s New ‘Wireless’ Headphones Emit Radiation … Right Next to Your Brain

The latest announcement by Apple provide information that the iPhone 7 will involve wireless headphones, or bent “AirPods” which will end the old practice of using cables much-maligned and forever entangled-conventional headphones .

According to the CEO, Tim Cook, will be waterproof, and will be a shortcut to a “wireless future.” The phone communicates with the right pad via Bluetooth, which will send a separate left pad Bluetooth signal.

However, experts warn that these AirPods pose a great threat, because it is just emit hazardous radiation in the user’s brain. In fact, the entire process of transmitting the signal is carried through the brain.

With respect to these warnings, Apple claims that all Bluetooth enabled devices emit radio frequency radiation (RFR), which is below the limits set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

However, Joel Moskowitz School of Public Health at the University of Berkeley says more than 200 scientists who have studied the effects of electromagnetic fields on the body strongly criticize the FCC guidelines as too lenient.

He explains:…
“We’re playing with fire here You are putting a transmitter microwave device next to your brain This has been observed for several decades It’s like we rediscovering the Bluetooth it is harmful and trying to forget, because we do not know how to handle it from a political point of view. ”

Traditionally, researchers and scientists believed that the RFR does not carry enough electromagnetic energy and radiation to lead to cell damage or DNA, while more high-energy ionizing radiation such as X-rays have shown to cause cancer.


However, Joel adds:

“This has been observed for several decades. It’s like we rediscovering that Bluetooth is harmful and trying to forget, because we do not know how to handle it from a political point of view.”

evidence Moreover, numerous studies have provided RFR directly harms health. One of these studies has found that degrades RFR blood-brain barrier, helping more toxins to enter the brain.

This is the biggest concern with the use of transmitters RFR directly by the brain.

According Moskowitz:

“We do not know the long term risks of using Bluetooth devices, why someone inserts emitting microwave devices in their ears close to your brain when there are safer ways to use a cell phone? Essentially I recommend using wired headsets or hands-free use of cell phones, no wireless headsets “.

All studies that have been conducted found that health problems with cell phone radiation apply equally to Bluetooth, and therefore to AirPods Apple too.

Therefore, those interested in buying the new iPhone in July should consider the results of the Interphone study funded by industry 2010. The researchers showed that the risk of acoustic nerve tumors, tumors of the parotid gland, and brain tumors is significantly higher in individuals who have used a mobile phone for at least 10 years.

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In early 2016, many American scientists met in a pediatric conference in Baltimore to confirm that there is no room for debate on the relationship between brain cancer and cell phone use.

Dr. Devras Davis, president of the Environmental Health Foundation stated:

“The weight of the evidence is clear :. Cell phones cause brain cancer,”


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