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Angel Locsin seeks advice on how to get rid of a black eye

MANILA – Angel Locsin left his fans worried after he published images of his face with a black eye on his social networks.

On Instagram, the actress of the "Daughter of the General" sought advice among her followers on how to hide the appearance of bruises around her left eye.

"50 Shades of Black under my eye, na sinubukan kong i-mowdel. Any useful suggestions on how to get rid of a black eye quickly, apart from vitamin C, arnica and ice? ", She wrote, without editing.

In saying that she is proud of her battle scars, Locsin said she has to mask the black eye because "this girl has to work".

Without revealing how she got the bruise, Locsin, however, assured her supporters that she was not abused by anyone.

Previously, Locsin herself revealed how she apparently rejected a double for some of her scenes in "The General's Daughter," particularly where she had to hang under a moving truck.

Her decision provoked words of praise from her admirers, but also some concern, given her past problems that forced her to withdraw from the lead role in the planned adaptation of "Darna".


Source: https://news.abs-cbn.com/entertainment/05/19/19/angel-locsin-seeks-tips-on-how-to-get-rid-of-a-black-eye

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