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An unspoken emotion is a pain that we suffer

All we are quietly accumulates within us and can cause disease. Yes, as you are reading. What can not be expressed in words is known as pain. Remember this phrase as it will help to talk about their feelings and thoughts. The body can send many signals, but do not pay attention to them. When we are silent and do not talk about our emotions long they accumulate and can cause disease.


Fear, envy, and critique everything that goes into a “box” that does not serve us more than to feel bad, mentally and physically. The disease is a message that gives the body so we know that there is an emotional blockage or some aspect of life that is worth to change or delete. When we are not going in the right direction, when we close the mouth in order to avoid a fight or avoid certain topics not break ties, or appear pain symptoms.

Many diseases have an origin in emotions. Depending on what is affected or unbalanced, the feeling is either the organ or body part forwarded. When they would appear to make a stop in our activities and identify negative thoughts and beliefs deeply rooted in our lives we hurt.

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A negative emotion, a disease

There is a kind of connection or relationship psychosomatic connection of a thought with a symptom. Maybe we should not go to the doctor to check us in and provide treatment, but do the work of introspection to improve what we think and therefore how we feel. Stress can cause ulcers or heart attacks, depression, lack of energy or because of an increased appetite. somatic language is easy to understand. Aches and most frequent problems that have an emotional origin:


The center, the connection to the outside may hurt every day due to acceleration pulse or blood from the arteries strangulation. The latter indicates an inability to communicate or express basic feelings such as love.


Relate the mind and body. When there is little mobility, which can not only be due to lack of sleep, but they also have a limited and rigid view of life.


When solving a problem, we say we took a weight off your back. That burden we carry is related to feelings or experiences of the past and have not forgotten or forgiven. On the back is the backbone, that pillar that allows us to do all our activities. Pain in this area warns that something is not right and that we should lighten the weight of our emotions.

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it Relates to love, but also with other emotions such as anger. It is the center of the feelings and complications can be the result of being immersed in complex situations or desperate. Perhaps we have gone too far with a relationship or attention paid to things that do not bring us anything good.


allow us to move forward, but also bring us stability. Feet give us security and problems indicate that they felt unsafe we ​​do not know where to go or how to think about the future and projects.

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