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An Effective Face Mask to Remove Blackheads at Home in Two Steps

Blackheads are a typical aesthetic issue for most women. Although harmless, these dark spots on the face can be hard to hide, even with the best makeup. Some choose to remove manually, but dermatologists not recommend this as it can lead to skin infections.

face mask I recommend very expensive here is very simple, but very effective. egg white of an egg and some toilet tissue or facial tissue used alone.

An Effective Face Mask to Remove Blackheads at Home in Two Steps

Besides work wonders, even the most persistent, clear blackheads egg are extremely beneficial to improve skin quality containing proteins Becausethe easily absorb excess sebum from the skin. Egg whites also become smaller the larger pores in the black dots are formed, thus avoiding the formation of black spots in the future.

EGG MASK WHITE remove blackheads


The first step you take is clean and dry your face thoroughly before applying the mask. The next thing Dois separate the yolk from the white. Only you are going to use white. Using a brush, apply a thin layer of egg white on the affected skin. Cover the layer of egg white with a strip of facial tissue or toilet paper. Yougently sure to press on your face. Let the first coat dry thenslowly apply a second layer of egg white on the tissue.Use fingers if necessary for smoother application.Allow this coat dry and then apply a third coat. This is optional.Once the mask is dry, your face will feel tightening, which is normal.

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Finally, remove tissue that off.Rinse peeling face gently to remove debris. Dry and moisturize as usual.

Note :. This method does not work unless you allow the layers to dry completely before removing the tissue

Council :. It is best to apply the clear egg mask after taking a shower because the pores of your skin are open and better results




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