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Amazing Tips: What Are The Best Foods and Positions for Getting Pregnant!

Somehow my mother was obsessed with me getting pregnant again

She began to speak!.

I will not say I was not interested in this, but having another baby? – I love kids, but I think that two children are enough

By now

When I got home, I was in what I thought my mother telling me about


I felt the need to open the computer and start researching the subject

This is what I found :.

eat healthy

Your reproductive system needs to be healthy. They see it as the basis for conception. If you and your beloved partner is trying for a baby, you have to be willing to make some changes in your diet.

The changes are simple. There is no room for an obstacle when something beautiful is about to happen.


  • Avoid acidic foods such as acidity in your cervical mucus could destroy sperm.
  • Focus on alkaline foods such as soybeans, peas, milk, as they increase their chances of getting pregnant fast enough

Check out this list :.


I’m not a big fan of supplements, but if you feel the need for supplements can opt for them.

  • supplements multivitamins
  • Consult with your doctor and regular use for best results

doctor appointments

Before being pregnant with my first baby, I visited my doctor twice a week. I am using this opportunity to greet the doctor for always being there.

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wanted to make sure everything is in proper order, and I am in good health to conceive.


  • schedule regular appointments with your doctor to keep your health and the process under control
  • do not forget to call your doctor and ask advice before taking medications

regular sex

Some women may get emotional and “aggressive” when they are trying to conceive.

always monitor their ovulation, which is important, and you can move them to want to have sex at odd moments.

t is not that their husbands matters such thing, but regular sex is 100 times better than catching only moments ovulating.

fun with it.

different sexual positions

My mother mentioned something about sexual positions, but I felt quite uncomfortable when she was talking about it. Can you get the picture?

Some people believe that a particular sexual position, increasing your chances of conceiving.

The most widely used sexual position is the missionary position. However, try something different. Do not focus on only one. In addition, it will make more exciting and fun to your sex life.


I know you said that both can have sex regularly, won ‘t cost you anything if you are paying attention to their biological processes.

  • Check your body temperature as one of the most efficient methods
  • If your body temperature is higher than normal, it means he is ready to go as the chances of conceiving are high
  • not forget to keep a chart menstrual cycle
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do not smoke, drink or take illegal drugs

  • studies show that caffeine affects the chances of conception in women and sperm motility in men
  • Avoid cigarettes, alcohol and illegal drugs that could lead to miscarriage and abnormalities


women who exercise regularly are more likely to become pregnant. They are more fertile than the lazy, and activities to keep your hormones under control.

Overweight women have trouble balancing their ovulation that could be rare and irregular. In addition, they have higher estrogen levels.

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