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Amazing Story… A Man Uses Baking Soda To Beat Stage 4 Cancer


We give the story of a lucky man who succeeded to overcome stage 4 cancer. Sodium bicarbonate was their only weapon. Vernon Johnston was diagnosed with prostate cancer stage 4.

it was another option than chemotherapy. It was supposed to destroy their cancer drugs, but he said his healthy tissues also made.

Chemotherapy is an aggressive cancer treatment. It can be effective, but the patient ends drained of energy and can not even fight a mild cold due to weakened immune system. There was no guarantee for advanced cancer Vernon to heal.

The chemotherapies can not work miracles. At this point, Vernon decided to take matters into their hands. His brother advised him to pay more attention to its overly acidic body. Vernon was encouraged to turn your body into a machine alkaline, and therefore prevent cancer growth. Cesium chloride was the miracle I needed.

Although cesium therapies work better than chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which cancer patients are rarely recommended. I was also looking for alternative ways to increase the pH of your body.

a thorough investigation was made, and the only thing that caught his attention was the baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate is a common element in all homes, and people usually use it as an antacid. Vernon knew that baking soda works best when combined with maple syrup. He was taking this combination every day. If you find it hard to believe that the common ingredient in the home can destroy the cancer, consult the blog of Vernon, as his experience was documented for the world to see it.

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Sodium bicarbonate neutralizes acids and thus increases the pH values ​​of the body. When used as a topical antiseptic, it can prevent blisters and scars. Sodium bicarbonate also reduces the itching caused by skin allergies.

Sodium Bicarbonate destroys cancer

acidic bodies are a perfect ground for cancer cells. Experts agree that the alkalizing actually starve cancers and stop its spread. intravenous administration is much more effective than oral administration, plus it is an easier way reach sodium bicarbonate near the tumor. However, oral medications are often cheaper, safer and more available than injections.

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