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Amazing Health Benefits of Avocado Oil for Saving Your Day

If you are among those who love avocado, then you are lucky enough to have avocado as a great agent health when it comes to a healthy body. Just by eating an avocado a week, all bodily functions such as digestion, skin, and your hormones will remain efficiently.

Indeed, avocados can help maintain your ideal body weight as well, so it’s like a healthy diet combined with proper exercise. You can find avocados in the form of oil, but what about the benefits of avocado oil?

Avocado oil is a type of essential oils obtained by extraction and filtration of an avocado. Essential oils as a result of the extraction of avocado is known as avocado oil. Currently, avocado oil is one of the essential oils used in the same manner as olive oil.

Avocado oil is one of the most pervasive compared to other vegetable oils. It is loaded with high nutrients that offer a variety of benefits for health and beauty care; The following are some of the benefits of avocado oil that can be done for the sake of his life.

1. Improve digestion system

Poor digestion is allowing the emergence of many unpleasant diseases. Some of them may notice is that has regular swelling, feeling tired during the day, drive a significant amount of gas out abnormally and experience frequent heartburn.

How to cope with such conditions? For these matters, you can count on a wide variety of content and nutrients from avocado oils, such as minerals, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins to help the digestive system in food processing more efficiently.

Simply adding a few drops of avocado oil into your food or as a mixed salad, you can feel the difference for the next days you will feel better, have more energy and notice that it will to start losing weight.

2. To promote hair growth

avocado oils provide the same nutrients when applied on the outer body. It is ideal to hydrate and nourish the skin and hair very nutritious. The surprisingly by avocado oils it is by improving the hair structure and makes healthier hair growth and faster at the same time.

Apply avocado oil on the scalp, if you have a favorite essential oil, you can add to a mix. Perform after cleaning your hair with shampoo and get your hair look thicker and fuller within a few weeks.

3. Body detoxification

The avocado green indicates that there are plenty of chlorophyll content available inside. Chlorophyll is a natural source of magnesium and part of the natural substances that are beneficial to remove heavy metals such as lead and mercury, which accumulate in the kidneys, brain, liver and vital organs of body.


When a part of the human body produces an acidic environment as a result of toxic heavy metal elements, the chlorophyll molecule magnesium ions released from its core. This incomplete chlorophyll molecule attract other metal ions to fill the space when it is not vacant magnesium.

The binding occurs between chlorophyll and the metal ion, making harmless the toxic element within the body. To get the benefits of detoxification, simply add a few drops of avocado oil in food or cilantro in the salad.

4. Rica oleic acid

Oleic acid is an essential fatty acid and is useful to provide a positive effect on the body, such as prevention of various types of autoimmune diseases , wound healing and repair damaged cells, even has the ability in reducing the risk of certain cancers. It also helps the body reduce inflammation in or out and heal microbial infections.

monounsaturated oleic acid is most essential fatty acids found in avocado oil makes its fame is equivalent to omega-9 fatty acids essential olive oil. If ever storing oil for a long time, you will notice that the oil becomes rancid, it is different with oils of avocado in which you will be able to use this oil after prolonged storage, as it is highly resistant to oxidation .

can also use avocado oils for frying activities in high temperature without losing their health benefits because this oil is known for its stability.

5. The wound healing effectively

Avocado oil is great for strengthening the skin, so it is also able to increase the rate of wound healing in the skin.

If you have defective skin due to multiple causes, such as sunburn, burns, scrapes, skin rashes and blisters, you can take advantage of one or two drops of avocado oil to heal your skin without leave a scar.

6. Strengthen the skin

What makes your skin healthy and strong? Of course, if the nutritional needs of your skin met. healthy nutrition for the skin derived from vitamins and minerals, avocado oil, fortunately, is rich in minerals and vitamins that serve as food for the skin and encourage skin to produce healthy cells and natural moisturizers.

natural nutrients avocado oil, such as potassium, vitamin E, and lecithin, which is the main food for skin easily absorbed by the epidermis or outer layer of the skin to the dermis, where these nutrients provide energy for healthy skin to grow and as a defense of existing cell.

7. Promoting healthy heart

The plaque that builds up in the walls of the arteries or atherosclerosis can lead to heart disease. This condition causes a lack of blood supply to the heart and leads to the formation of blood clots. Some of the causes of atherosclerosis include smoking, unhealthy lifestyle, high cholesterol and weight problems.

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Avocado oil is rich in beta-sitosterol, if you consume avocado oil, on a regular basis, your body will use the beta-sitosterol, a type of cholesterol that change unhealthy fats in a way that is more beneficial to the body and to reduce damage to cells. As a result of the buildup of plaque in the arteries and decreases keep your blood pressure remained regular.

8. Rich in vitamin E

For all who enjoy the beauty and youth, look no further than vitamin E. There are many benefits of vitamin E in your body, especially skin and eyes. In addition, also repairs the immune system, to prevent exposure to free radicals and helps in the digestive system efficiently.

Vitamin E is known as a fat soluble and is in avocado oil at high concentrations. This makes avocado oil as the main ingredient list the health of your family.

9. Support for weight loss

Performing an exercise is the main activity which is strongly recommended by health experts to compensate for a healthy lifestyle and maintain ideal body weight . However, the imbalance will occur if your life is not complemented by eating healthy foods.

Avocado oil contains high concentrations of oleic acid, which helps maintain an ideal body weight, and essential vitamins and fatty acids of avocado oil helps improve your digestive system. If you have a healthy digestion, will have enough energy to perform activities

10. Reduces inflammation and itching


avocado is known as an anti-inflammatory oleic acid which provides health benefits for a variety of skin problems, including the scalp. Minor the skin problems such as insect bites, sunburn, cracked heels and dandruff, to severe skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and keratosis pillarist, avocado oil helps soothe and relieve these problems of the skin.

Although avocado oil is well known for the skin, each person has a different reaction when in contact with this oil, it is necessary to apply a small patch of your skin and see the reactions that occur before applying to large areas of the skin.

As you read above, avocado oil provides many benefits from outside or inside the body. There can be obtained by applying avocado oil for skin, so many health benefits.

Besides tasting avocado oil, which is light and pleasant, so it is as a substitute for palm oil that is too strong for some people. You can use avocado oil, like other oils, such as mixed salads, frying or frying.

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