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Amazing facts about why you got fat

Fat Facts

is easy to call someone fat, or even to admit What are you. The next steps are pretty obvious too. Start controlling diet and exercise to get rid of all that extra cellulite …

Basically, stop eating so much because you’re getting fat, right? Wrong. you are not getting fat because you’re eating too much, you’re eating too much, because you’re getting fat.

The cells in your body are constantly being confronted with an avalanche of sugar and fat by the snacks without thinking, unhealthy taking place throughout the day, because we are in constant feeling of hunger. What we do not realize is that this “hunger” is our body tells us that it is low in nutrients. Instead, simply just we keep loading it with all the wrong things.

If that does not make much sense, then go ahead and watch this video you will understand exactly why you are gaining those extra pounds and how cells work when you eat too much processed foods.

Also find out how you are driving dangerously himself in the dreaded path of diabetes; a disease closely associated with obesity.


Sameena Kenaz

Sameena Kenaz is an editor UrbanWired. She graduated in Journalism message and a believer in the power of healthy food. Sameena expected to drive people’s attention to their health so they can live better, healthier, longer and without problems! Life

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