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Amazing Benefits of Rose Water


Rose water has a number of beneficial attributes which makes it a skin care product.It is used in the manufacture of many cosmetic products. rosewater can be prepared at home or bought in the market. It can be easily prepared at home, putting fresh rose petals in a bottle of distilled water and placing it in the sun for two or three weeks. Another method is the fastest heat of rose petals in distilled water and simmer for a long time or until the water is reduced by half. Cool and strain the petals.


Come allows to prepare our own toner rose with simple flowers that are used on normal days and special rose. The property rose mild astringent helps in cleaning and smoothing the skin and even increases the tone of the skin texture. Follow the steps to make rosewater toner.

uses rosewater skin

Toner for oily skin by itself or by adding aloe vera gel or honey in it. Will moisturize the skin and also help in reducing acne.It acts as a moisturizer for dry skin … glycerin or olive oil can be added to restore lost moisture of skin.Face package made by using water rose offers a relaxing experience and fresh water moisturizing skin.Rose is a perfect makeup remover.

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Benefits of rosewater toner used as

Sensitive skin – Rose water helps the skin red, swollen and tender soothing. Sensitive skin can not tolerate any cosmetic product, but rose water can be used safely as a toner, cleanser and moisturizer. There are very rare chances of side effects produced by the use of rose water on the skin.

Sunburn -. Rose water is a great reduction in burning and redness associated with sunburn due to anti-inflammatory properties in it

Aging – Rosewater help repair damaged skin caused by sun rays, pollution and harmful chemicals in cosmetics


Dryness – Rosewater can be used alone to moisturize dry skin. It becomes more effective in removing dry when used with glycerine or olive oil.

Grains – Rose water controls blackheads stopping the growth of bacteria. It helps eliminate excess fat from the face, moisturize the skin without clogging pores.
The fragrance of rosewater helps lower blood pressure and reduce stress and anxiety.

rosewater mask

water mask can be prepared to relieve the signs of eyestrain

A rose. This helps in removing dark circles under the eyes. Fresh rose petals soaked in rose water for some time. Press a lot of these petals in each eye for 20 minutes. This pad helps relax the body and relieve fatigue.

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