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Aluminum in vaccines shown to cause neurological damage

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baby-crying (NaturalHealth365) Aluminum is unnatural the human body, and the “safety limit” is known only 25 mcg. therefore, with this in mind, Why manufacturers authorized vaccines to deliver about 5,000 mcg of aluminum in the delicate systems of newborns at the age of 18 months?

function declared aluminum in vaccines is as an “adjuvant” to assist in the ability of the vaccine to have long-term effects on the body. While the ingested aluminum may be expelled (pretty fast), the injectable type of aluminum used in vaccines stays in the body much longer . has also been found that an impact on the nervous system of many damaging ways.

Researchers looking into this matter correlate injected amounts of aluminum in the bodies of mice to see what would happen. The mice quickly showed negative health effects, including changes in behavior and deficits in motor operation. They also showed cognitive problems directly related to injected with aluminum.

When the autopsy was performed on mice, were observed great damage to motor neurons in the brain and nervous system. This type of damage are the precursors of conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease along the way.

When researchers published these results, it is expected a strong reaction and positive action that the FDA and vaccine companies must adopt. However, they met with total silence.

When approached directly with the findings of Dr. Shaw, FDA disturbing answer was that they do not believe their role brought to light a need for further investigation. (Can you believe this ?!)

Dr. Shaw explains how it all developed here:

Aluminum toxicity is already associated with autism epidemic . A 2013 study from the University of British Columbia found a strong correlation between rates of autism in young children and those receiving vaccine with aluminum adjuvant.

The US government known about the toxicity of aluminum, however, it continues to promote childhood immunization programs. Despite rise in autism rates and the problems demonstrated vaccine adjuvant aluminum, these vaccines are being promoted and injected into the future generation of our nation when they are at their most vulnerable.

Again, the “safe” level of aluminum injection is 25 mcg or less, and only 10 mcg for premature babies and those with kidney disease. However, newborns injection hepatitis B immediately after birth is administered 250 mcg of aluminum exposing their first day.

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Babies then receive a second Hep B shot a month later. At two months old, it is given a round of shots extremely large amount. It is estimated that the total amount of aluminum infants receive in only two months ranging from about 300 mcg to 1225 mcg.

There are more vaccines given at four years and six months, and the shooting continued. By some estimates, the total amount of exposure to aluminum for 18 months about 5,000 mcg.

Simply put: Injecting toxic aluminum has to stop. Our nation’s health, welfare and future depend on it.

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Vaccines and autism

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