still it has a microwave oven at home? You can throw them away immediately and not feel sorry. Why? It is because the microwave is a machine that kills people worldwide.

Consumers around the world are dying because they eat unhealthy food. Not only they eat unhealthy foods, but eat irradiated food and completely dead. In Russia, for example, microwave ovens are banned since 1976 because the Russians did not want, Äúkill off, AU and its people well, like the rest of the Western world does. Later, they were taken back in use again due to pressure from the Western world in Russia, even though people in Russia still refuse to take home something as dangerous as the microwave oven is.


Microwave ovens were banned as a result of the large number of scientific studies have shown its harmful effects. People are the most unhealthy mammals on the planet, and this is a fact because they do not consume food, but pure poison.

We know that almost every household has microwave. This is because people do not know how harmful it is. It is a tool that converts a rich in vitamins and natural ingredient, in a totally naked ingredient without any nutritional value perfectly healthy piece of raw foods. Moreover, the microwave irradiated food. So, much as people think they eat foods rich in vitamins, they actually consume exactly the opposite. The nutritional value of food people, AOS is canceled, and consuming something that is not even a food.

Have you known that the microwave was invented and mass accepted by the population at the time of the onset of obesity and at the time of the emergence of mass cancer in countries in the developed world? Microwave not only become suitable for consumption of food that stimulates obesity, but it also destroys next to all the beneficial ingredients in it. Microwave ovens emit radiation and people should not be near them when they are on, because radiation is radioactive and can lead to many diseases, such as cysts and tumors.

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We are all witnesses of the results and effects of microwave and mass distribution has: epidemics of heart disease, diabetes, liver problems, kidney problems, cancer, depression and so on. These diseases are the result of obesity and exposure to toxic chemicals found in the irradiated food. The microwave oven will ensure that you become obese and exposed to toxic chemicals, only for their consumption of processed food that comes from it. This food is achieved by radiation, and this fact is often neglected by people.

Many people say they do not consume irradiated food, but they are not aware that actually do consume it in large quantities, thanks to the microwave. This is just one of the large amounts of data that people are generally unaware of what they have in their bodies. The microwave beams were called for the first time, Äòradar rays, AO when they appeared on the market in 1970. It also advertised as lightning radar, and almost nobody noticed that the name itself suggests that this food is bombarded with rays radiation. Today, this is completely normal and people do not deal with that.

The microwave oven can be called the machine the undead. People who use it regularly are on their way to degenerative diseases and lifelong struggle with obesity, as well as a quick death. Frequent use of the microwave oven will worsen your health and increases your chance of being diagnosed with various diseases and become dependent on different medications. This is not a coincidence, and everything is fine, though, as people today have reached a stage in which intentionally kill themselves with the help of several tools that elites have invented.

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So, what do you think you should do? The first thing to do is to throw your microwave oven away and start eating healthy foods, which will be heated in a regular oven. The process may take a little longer, but worth it because it is your health is in question, as well as his life. Do not get involved in propaganda, as it is in charge of himself the best.

These are some of the latest facts and scientific discoveries about the food from the microwave:

  • processed foods by microwave lose 60 -90 percent of their field of vital-energy and structural decomposition is accelerated by the microwave
  • microwave ovens generate carcinogens in milk and cereals
  • the basic food ingredients are degraded by the microwave and this leads to digestive problems
  • microwave ovens alter the chemistry of food and cause problems in the lymphatic system and the collapse of the body’s ability to protect of cancers and tumors
  • processed food in the microwave may cause a greater number of cancer cells in blood
  • microwaves alter the decomposition of the basic ingredients when raw, the cooked or frozen vegetables are being exposed to it, no matter how short the exposure time is; free radicals still being created even if the exposure time is short
  • food consumption has been processed in the microwave oven can cause stomach and intestinal cancerous tumors, common degeneration of peripheral tissues and tissue cells, the breakdown of the digestive and secrete high statistically composition percent in people
  • consumption of foods that have been processed in the microwave oven can reduce the body’s ability to use of some vitamins, including vitamin C, E, B vitamins, essential minerals, etc.

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Source: healthylifemaster.com

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