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Alleged Non-Showbiz Girlfriend Of James Reid Made A Revelation About Them Which Enrages The Fans

The strong chemistry between the “on the wings of love” stars James Reid and Nadine Lustre is undeniable. His fans were hoping for the best that the two can become a couple in real life. However, a girlfriend allegedly not showbiz young actor made a revelation about them when she confessed in a Facebook page dedicated only for students of the Ateneo de Davao University November 11 .. according to the vine, rumors about caramelized actor in the initiate southwards to circulate after the Ateneo de Davao Univerity (ADDU) Confessions Facebook page published a story hashtagged “inArelationshipWiththeIDOL.” However, the actor’s name was never mentioned, people of social media knew it was James Reid and specularions became stronger when the girl posted a picture of them together in a bar, but his face was hidden with doodle art. The girl who is a student of accounting, recounted that James met inside the bar when she took office cashier during the semester break. James, said she wore a mask to hide his face, and settled on the counter near the cashier area. James then ordered a couple of drinks and when he got drunk, the actor asked for water for her and began a conversation. She remembered James telling her that he likes women in Davao because’re beautiful and good.
As the conversation went through, James suddenly put his hand while the mask with the face closer to his years is removed. Then he wrote his cell phone number on his palm before leaving the facility. The girl said she constantly communicates with James since and had been flying back and forth to Manila and Davao. she even shared that she ended her relationship with another guy because he had been deeply next day with the actor, eventhough it can not go on a date in malls or restaurants as any normal couple. What is more surprising was when she proudly admitted that an intimate moment had passed between her and the actor. With this, its history is currently making its rounds online and have mixed reactions from fans of the loveteam Jadine (Source: . CoolBuster )

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