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Alleged Image Of Jesus Christ Appears On The Wall Of A House Made Residents In Awe

Since the establishment of the Catholic religion, Jesus Christ appeared to a number of people like an apparition, an image printed on the senses.

Most accounts of the appearances are made by children and humble people, simple faith.

We have seen several videos posted online showing the appearances of Jesus Christ often seen on walls or tree trunks. Sometimes, many people believe it is a sign from heaven though.

Recently, another alleged image of our savior appeared suddenly on the outside wall of a house in the Philippines.

According Adelaide Balahadia, owner of the house in Barangay Bagbag Three, Tanuan City, Batangas, she did not notice the picture on the wall, until a neighbor told him about Monday.

She had the house built 10 years ago.

“Nakita ko talaga Siya, Talagang image niya,” said Balahadia ABS-CBN News. “Wala Akong nasabi Kundi, ‘Diyos ko, salamat po sa Gabay, basbas lahat sa aming in patnubay …’ Kilabot Kilabot na AKO in napapaiyak Ako’y Talagang.”

Catholic devotees are visiting the house only to see the supposed image of Jesus Christ. They offered prayers and lit a candle before.

Many believe there is a reason why the image has surfaced.

“Marami na ang medyo Baka nakakalimot, Marami na ang ang baka napapalihis moors,” Balahadia said.

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According to the Catholic Church, will be a process long before the appearance of the image can be considered a miracle.

But Rev. Jay Encarnacion, parochial vicar in Tanauan City, said there is nothing wrong if people believe in the supposed image of Jesus Christ.

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