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All we have it at home! Just a teaspoon a day burns 33 lbs of fat!

The main way to lose weight quickly is to improve your metabolism. This can be easily accomplished by adding a certain ingredient of their diet.

What is surprising about this ingredient is that it does not prevent you to eat your favorite foods, just add this spice and no results!

When he decided to lose weight, it was known that fasting can do more harm to you than good. meaning, completely stopping foods is one of the worst forms of diet. With this method your food is combined with the right spices, not just to improve your metabolism, but turn your in a machine to burn fat .


A recent study by the University of Medical Sciences in Iran showed that cumin is the most useful for healthy weight loss seasoning. In the study 44 overweight women, divided into two groups participated. And both groups were given tips on a healthy and balanced diet for three months. Your daily diet includes 500 calories.

This guarantees spices, you will lose 15 kg (33 lbs) in 3 months.

Another experiment in which women had 140 ml yogurt drink every morning, had half a teaspoon of cumin powder in your drink while the rest did not. Three months later, the results showed that the first group of 22 women who had cumin in your drink lost 14 kg more than the rest of participating in the other group who did not. And that’s not all – the first group lost 14.64 percent of his body fat, and the second without the cumin yogurt -Lost only 4.91%

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Burning skills cumin powder has incredible fat comes from phytosterols, these are compounds that prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in the body as well as a thermogenic effect of the spice, which speeds up the metabolism naturally.

Therefore, if you want accelerate weight loss during your diet, simply add the cumin to your favorite dishes.

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