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Alden Richards Disguises As A Grocery Bagger Boy And Shocked Shoppers

Being a famous celebrity is overwhelming. Besides the fact that you’re earning could g beyond what he needed, many people you know. However, the popularity of being a star has some consequences that must follow. Like go out for shopping or eating with your family could be difficult, as most people will notice you. And from there, flocks of fans could suddenly break your privacy. For fans, on the other hand, see their idols in the crowd much closer than just watching on TV is beyond exciting. Today, when going to go out, better keep an eye on ordinary people in the streets, stores or even at your local grocery store. The probability that you meet a famous person is within reached. The newest trend today is when a certain celebrity will disguise in public while doing ordinary jobs. And recently, the ‘Pambansang Bae’ Alden Richards accepted the challenge of being a bagger at some grocery store while disguised as a nerd Ricky Salumbre. with the help of an apron, a baseball cap and sunglasses, Alden have successfully done their homework, but only for a few seconds for the same time buyers put their eyes on him, I knew who he was. most were surprised to see him there and keeps calling Alden which still refuses, insisting buyers it is Ricky. a woman who obviously an avid fan of the actor Kapuso, even cried for joy he felt at seeing his idol in person. Watch the video here

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