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If you know the basics about nutrition you probably know that there are two types of artificial and natural sugars and however much we try to reduce their intake, there is no way around them. All processed foods contain hidden sugars today and we must be very committed if you want to eliminate from your diet.

nutritionist, physical trainer and acclaimed author JJ Virgin wrote a new book that gives practical advice on how to stay out of this harmful ingredient and protect your health in general.

In his latest book Diet Impact Sugar: Drop 7 Sugars lose up to 10 pounds in just two weeks a detailed description of each type of sugar we eat and its effect is given in our body and clarifies the popular belief especially natural sugars, ie they are not as safe as many health conscious people would like to believe. Agave, natural fruit juice, raw cane sugar, and any number of other natural sugars still have a detrimental effect on their health.

Sugar is Manhattan Melodrama really ,” she says. “ why I have chosen to focus on it I do not think the added sugar is really the problem;.. I think that is what is in many of our foods that do not recognize [as sugar]

If it is to have apple juice (which is worse for you than a can of soda), or have a yogurt sweetened with concentrated fruit juice, or whether you’re thinking that fruits are free to all these are all creating problems.

wanted to create a structured program that can help others rid of those sugar cravings, dropping weight forever, and then let them go into program back and [do a food] challenge … in order to connect the dots between what happens when they drink one of those great fruit smoothies that are supposed to be so healthy.

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Finally sugar cravings your body needs to burn fat s primary fuel

JJ goes on to say that no matter in what form sugar they eat is, all the same to your body. “ food information ” she says, and eating a bun, yogurt sweetened fruit or a smoothie sends the same information – SUGAR

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It will be difficult at first, but once the constant need of a sugar solution eliminates extra sensation of energy and concentration will be. But it is first necessary to teach your body to burn fat as its primary form of fuel instead of sugar.

can be very difficult for many, but that’s why JJ’s book is so useful in this process. Specifically, the gradual process of getting from burning sugar to burning fat as the main fuel of the body, in order to maximize their chances of success.

has to be a transition period where you go from sugar burner to get your body to be able to start burning fat again ,” she explains.

must decrease below where the starting point is, that is what I call a sneaky sugar inventory of the things I never thought (such as sun-dried tomatoes and marinara sauce) we are only using like crazy without realizing the amount of sugar present is actually adding in our foods “.

The impact of sugar scales: A new way of looking at Sugar

If you want to make cleaning sugar must first be measured and determine the relationship between waist and hip place to find your starting point. Then you need to make a list of all the dangers hidden in your diet, all sugars they eat without even realizing it.

How can you do? It’s really simple, just start reading the labels of everything you eat and that means everything. You have no idea how many foods contain sugars and this includes the pickle jar in your refrigerator, condiments, sauces and marinades. JJ’s book gives a detailed list of all the places hidden hidden sugars in your diet and gives a whole new perspective on their scales sugars sugar impact.

it is seen in grams of fructose, glycemic load, nutrient density and fiber. Malo are fructose and glycemic load; good are the nutrient density and fiber , “she explains.

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Depending on where food falls, can be either low, medium, or high impact sugar content. The reason this was so important to me is that I keep looking programs out there, and either focus on fructose … glycemic index or glycemic load.

This can be very confusing because it makes things like agave sweetener look great. This makes the milk look great … People go, ‘We have to have fructose because fructose is low on the glycemic index . “

The main difference between fructose and glucose is that fructose does not trigger an insulin response, which means that insulin, leptin or ghrelin is not active. Your body does not even realize that ate something, which only serves in the liver, where if can not be converted into glycogen, which is converted into fat.

So how can you tell if you have a high impact sugar? the pluses common are gas and bloating, then you have joint pain, headaches, fatigue, inability to lose weight or resistance to weight loss and sugar cravings. by classifying itself in these and other symptoms, while tracking your waist, hip and weight, you will get a clearer picture of how the impacts of sugar in your body, and your progress in terms of retraining your body to burn fat instead of sugar as its fuel primary.

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three cycles of Impact Diet sugar

In the first cycle that is beginning to adapt your body to new changes gradually changing food high impact sugar to sugar foods impact in the medium and this cycle lasts one to two weeks. For example, if you normally eat plain pasta you’ll start eating quinoa pasta.

JJ reports that measures the time between meals and not eating every two hours, but live a longer gap between meals so that you do not feel insulin spikes. Upon completion of this period will measure the impact of sugar again to see how far it has come.

The warning signs that are eating too much sugar first appeared in concept of healthy life .

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