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Airport Employee Revealed How Much They Earned When Doing The Tanim Bala Scheme

As the ‘Bala Tanim scam’ intensifies and humiliation brought to the country, a lot of names had been drawn into this scandal, but no other action however came from our own government. After a wife of a former employee of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) confesses over the long period of the regime was present in the area and are related to people, another revelation detailing a current employee, how were the possible gains of the people involved in it. In an interview with a reporter of ABS-CBN, the man was hidden whose face was known as Manuel and claims that he was talking up the subject because pity those people who are victim of outrageous regime. It is said that the reason why airport officials were forced to make such a crime was due to the low salaries they were receiving from their work. Manuel insisted that there was no group or union involved in the crime, and was made exclusively by people who were not satisfied with their monthly allowance. The amount by which criminals could snatch innocent victims, he said, ranging from P1,000 to P50, then 000 will split the money between the airport employee and researchers. demonstrated Even as safety inspectors can easily plant the bullets unsecured pockets each bag. Manuel admitted that the Japanese usually choses observers on Koreans to be the next victim because they are easy to fear and extortion goes well as planned
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