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After Seeing This, You’ll Never Throw Them Again

Many people think that small bags that can be found in boxes of shoes are toxic and Useless. But the truth is that they are non-toxic. Their inward substance that should not be consumed, but you can use around the house. The substance is called silicon dioxide, it is not toxic and can be dried anywhere near them. We provide a few ways you can use.

1. duffel bag

Your job is to absorb excess moisture. They will protect your shoes. We all know that bacteria love moist and wet places and these bags help in removing germs and moisture from your bag. They also help eliminate odor.

2. Towels

may retain some of the bags of silica in his cabinet grooming between their towels and get rid of unpleasant odor.

3. Razors

Do not put your razor in the bathroom in a humid place. Put them in a plastic bag and put some bags of silica gel. They have a longer duration.

4. Telephone

If the phone drops in water put in a jar with bags of silica gel. It’s simple, just fill a jar with suitcases and put the phone inside.

5. foggy windows in the car

We all know the problem with the car windows fog in the winter. The silica gel bag will do wonders for you. You do not have to wait for the air conditioning to work, because with the old cars that can be a lengthy process, you just put some of them under the windshield of forming the interior. In the morning you will have transparent windows. This will save time and you will not have to deal with fog and no windows.

6. Old photos

His photographs may be deteriorated over time and in order to protect put a few bags in the box in which the maintain and store your memories.

7. Make Up

Always keep a few bags of silica gel in your makeup bag to protect your makeup and will stop makeup powder from curdling.

Remember not to throw bags of silica. Use and if found another interesting way to get to know.


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