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After Reading This, You’ll Never Look At Beets The Same Way Again

Beets are really the only curative vegetables. Its nutritional value is maintained both raw and cooked. In antiquity, Hippocrates view beet as a medicinal plant. Throughout the centuries beet used to treat many diseases. Beets have been used in treating blood disorders such as iron deficiency – anemia. Beets contain a lot of iron, of all plant products content iron beet is second to garlic. And the iodine content beet is second in Kale. Beets not only provide your body with important nutrients and stimulate your metabolism, but also saturate the body with powerful powerful antioxidants that are common in red beets.

  • Beets contain polyphenols and betalains that reverse the effect of free radicals and oxidative stress in people.
  • Beets contain several vitamins :. Vitamins B, PP strengthen capillary walls
  • Beets contain a lot of minerals – potassium and folic acid, which help heart health; magnesium, which aids in bone health; iron and phosphorus that produce energy; copper that destroys free radicals; iodine, which is involved in the biosynthesis of thyroid hormones, and magnesium.
  • beets contain cobalt which promotes the formation of vitamin B12 (which is synthesized by the intestinal microflora. Without this vitamin folic acid the formation of red blood cells would be impossible.
  • beets rejuvenate our bodies due to folic acid, which contributes to the creation of new cells.
  • beets remove toxins from our bodies due to Betalin pigments.
  • beets contain betacyanins, which inhibits growth of cancer cells.
  • beet improve digestion because of the fiber dietetics.
  • beets stimulate metabolism.
  • beets help digest vitamin D in our bodies.
  • beets help prevent dementia due to the high concentration of nitrates in the mouth transformed into nitrites. What we have sought have shown that nitrites open blood vessels in the body that increases blood flow and helps the oxygen to reach areas lacking oxygen.
  • Beets contain pectin, found in greater numbers than in carrots or apples. deals with pectin and excretion of radioactive heavy metals from the body. In addition, pectin also inhibits the spread of harmful intestinal bacteria and prevents the development of a wide range of diseases.
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As seen beets possess a lot of medicinal and healing properties also include reducing the amount of cholesterol, blood pressure, strengthening the capillaries, providing an effect anti- sclera and improved brain function and live, and help improve fat metabolism.

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