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After Doing THIS, You Will Never Suffer From Cracked Heels, Corns and Calluses Again

Cracked heels are a common skin problem, which can range from a matter purely aesthetics for a painful condition. Undoubtedly, they are visible and unsightly, but sometimes it can be very painful too.

The most common symptoms include dry skin and calluses thick colorless to yellow or dark brown area skin looks, especially along the inside edge of the heel. In addition to the dry, thick skin, the problem may escalate to redness, itching, swelling and flaking of the skin. It is very beneficial to give proper treatment as soon as the problem occurs in order to prevent cracks from ever deeper and cause bleeding and pain.

Cracked heels can be the result of inadequate foot care, an unhealthy diet, aging, dry air, lack of moisture, prolonged standing on hard floors and last but not least importantly, the use of inappropriate footwear. Moreover, this problem can also be caused by other health conditions such as diabetes, eczema, psoriasis and thyroid disease.

Today’s article will present an easy home remedy that successfully eliminates the problem of cracked heels and calluses, corns, and gives results in less than two weeks.


You need to crush 10 aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) or Andols (acetaminophen) for powder and mixed with 250 ml of isopropyl alcohol 70%. Then save the solution in a small glass bottle and leave for 1-2 days.

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Then, every night, shake the bottle before use and pour some on a cotton pad or gauze. Then it is applied to the problem area, wraps the heel of a sheet of plastic and put a sock on.

leave it overnight and the next morning, rinse with water and towel dry.

After this procedure, apply some glycerine or fat cream on your feet. It would also help to use a scrubber to exfoliate feet heels before applying the cream.

After only 10 to 15 treatments, calluses and cracked skin on the feet will disappear completely.

You can also use the same remedy to treat varicose veins and painful, and if so, this miraculous remedy eliminates the pain after the first treatment.

Source: healthyandnaturallife.com

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