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Advices for spring detoxification: Clean your body seamlessly

If you perceive the consequences of feeding difficulty during the winter to sail and sleepy, then it’s time for change .

Gradually spring approaches, so it’s time to detoxify the body:

1. detoxification should not be complicated, but enough to start the day with a cup of hot water with lemon. This combination will shake your body, which will be dropped quickly toxins and facilitate gastric emptying.

2. medicinal charcoal should always have at home, as it is a compound that absorbs the harmful components of the digestive system. In small doses it is not harmful, but if you want to use more frequently, consult a doctor.

clean your body 3. In addition, be sure to include spices like ginger , cinnamon and turmeric, which will clean better your intestines and will help elimination of toxins.

4. If in addition to the above, and avoid processed foods, especially canned and frozen, you will feel much better for a week.

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