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Taking some time out of our busy lives, not all feel like making a short trip to the field ?? Immerse yourself in the peace and tranquility of silence in nature, it seems like another world away. Imagine making you feel good in your home! Yes, the creative use and Easy Rangoli Idea , it is very possible if you learn how to make a beautiful nature landscape using sand art or Rangoli.

A serene imagery can be created easily using Rangoli . Just let your imagination go wild and free. Think of the mountains, wooden houses, birds explore the heavens, and the tall trees some dry and some green, fresh grass and let the flow of thought in their hands, to create a panoramic view using colored art sand or Rangoli.

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To learn how to make beautiful nature landscapes using sand art just follow these steps.

Material required for N ture landscapes Rangoli

  • sand color or Rangoli in the following colors – white, yellow, red, orange , Persian blue, turquoise, light green, dark green

the procedure for creating the landscape

  • begins with the creation of a fund for the landscape. It begins with creating layers of colors starting with blue, yellow followed by red, orange and light and dark green. Merge softly to each other. You can add white sand color to any color for a lighter shade.
  • Take a small branch of a nearby tree branch. Now trace the design of a small house with a wooden door, bushes and wild grasses, trees and birds flying in the sky amber.
  • give the house a little more definition and use your finger to draw landscape design.
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Are you looking for an easy Rangoli Design? Let’s take a look here …

Just a little bump here and there a blow to its nature beauty of the landscape is list using sand art or Rangoli.

How to Make a Beautiful Nature Landscape?

How to make a beautiful natural landscape Rangoli?

Rangoli Share your designs with us and share the festive vibes! Leave your valuable comments and feedback too!

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