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A Spiritual Adviser On Why Most Relationships End

Back view of young couple embracing under the umbrella walking in an autumn rainy day. Love and couple relationships concept.

to be in relationship with others is an innate need of human beings. We are inevitably more content when our life has satisfactory relationships – friendship, romantic love, family

In my work as a spiritual counselor, I meet the same two types of people :. people unable to find the ideal relationship, and the people who do find that great relationship, cheerful, but can not hold on to it. One of the most torturous feelings related to love happens when you experience its depth only to see it make an abrupt departure. Thinking sucks “the one that got away”, is not it?

How many of you have experienced a rupture that destroyed his heart? I bet the destruction did not happen because I was too needy or desperate. There is a good chance that their relationship ended because they realized it was worth holding on to

In my personal experience and through my work with a number of clients, I have come to this conclusion :. Taking someone’s love for granted is the main variable relationships reason.

therefore, if you are in an incredible relationship at this time, pay attention.

love is not all about the reception. It is true that true love is about giving. It is the gift of self and support your partner to its maximum capacity. The following is adapted from my new book: Breaking the Rules :. Questioning Everything we know about God and Truth, Life and Death, Love and Sex

“I love you.”

I need you.

I wish .

often confuse these statements with love. A wife often stays happy while she gets nice gifts, weekly dates, and all other “extras.” At the time this stops, you can feel ignored or unloved. The husband is the wife happy while satisfying their physical and emotional needs without any interruption.

This cycle tends to be functional because both people in a relationship are happy when they get their needs met. The problem occurs when one party stops or gets bored with the pattern. At the time that this exchange of services are stopped, the so-called love also stops. Over time, the love between couples is reduced to the demands and desires that put each other.

Squeezing the happiness of someone who is not love. We do this to each other, because we still have to discover the infinite potential of love that resides within us. When you take a moment to recognize love in you, the pattern of drainage codependent, relationship is released.

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To find true love, you must give genuine love. This does not mean you have to sacrifice everything and become a martyr of love -. Only to be filled with so much love that has no choice but to overflow

When practicing this phenomenon, become love. You no longer depend on their partner for happiness. And when you’re full of love, you will begin to attract other human beings full of love that vibrate at that frequency. You can also attract those who are in dire need of healing. When that happens, cure them. Help them find the love I have yet to discover.

To get started on this journey, they begin to meditate on the heart center every morning. Acknowledge your emotions and give them a positive outlet every day. No flee their emotions. Instead, watch carefully the development and outcome.

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