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A spicy sex position both of you will definitely enjoy!

A special position for the weekend and the usual missionary position for a quickie on weekdays, Does this sound like your sex life? What about experience or innovate its standard position to add more fun and pleasure! Try the side straddle, also known as an advanced take on the reverse to adventure tonight cowgirl.

side straddle sex position

Why is this place so good?

Ladies, if being on top is what you like, this position is perfect for you. An interesting on the reverse mission or the woman on top position, this is easy. It is not physically challenging so you need not be concerned about being too tired to try. Take control of all sexual pleasure and lets you relax and see that lie on the way to choose. His pleasure is intensified as her clitoris rubs against his thighs during the pushing movement. He can caress the buttocks or breasts and see that moan with pleasure. Try it on the floor if you are bored of doing it in the same place. Here are 5 other variations of women in the highest positions you can try.

side straddle position

How do straddle side?

can not be easier. Choose a location and let your man lies comfortably with both feet flat on the floor. With his back facing him, squatting and put one leg between her thighs. Your other leg should be placed next to him. While the incline down, lower the body and guide his penis inside you. Start swinging forward and back as he rubbed against her thighs. You can take things slowly at first and then increase your speed when you and your partner want to reach orgasm. The straddle side is also a great position for anal sex.

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