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A Simple Homemade Shampoo That Will Help Your Hair Grow Like Crazy Again, Get Splendor, Volume and Elasticity

The long and healthy hair worldwide symbol of beauty and femininity is presented. On Earth people are struggling with hair loss, so many women lose most of your hair. In this post we will introduce the homemade shampoo, which is very useful and very effective in recovering your hair and what is healthy and strong.

Shampoo preparation is very simple and requires some expensive ingredients. All substances are easily available in the markets.

Your hair may come from different factors, stress, unhealthy life style they are also one of them.

After using the shampoo several times you will notice improvement. You will have bright and strong and will stop the fall. Your hair will have more volume and splendid

In addition to this post will present you the recipe, so continue reading below


– two vials vitamin .. B
-AD falls, 30 ml (1 fluid ounce) aqueous solution (one vial)
Castor oil 50 ml (1.6 fluid ounces)
-Panthenol 100 ml (3.3 ounces liquid)
-Nettle drops 30 ml (1 fluid ounce)


should be added all drops bottle nettle, castor oil bottle 100 ml, panthenol and the announcement drops in shampoo nettle. You can buy this shampoo at the nearest

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Use :.

should shake well before using. Pour the required amount into the palm and then rub into the hair, massaging the scalp for a few minutes to increase blood circulation and re-absorption of nutrients, leave a bit and rinse. Need not apply conditioner or mask later.

Note that in the case of an extremely dry hair, use only half a bottle of nettle drops because they can further dry the hair.

After using this shampoo for a couple of months, hair loss will stop completely. If you struggle with severe hair loss you need to drink nettle tea.

will have amazing health benefits and they will be visible soon.

The vitamin B complex improve body function

and what is needed for hair growth.

castor oil is the oil that is the most beneficial for hair growth. This will make it very strong, and protect it from damage, which is the main role in the process of hair loss.

The panthenol t is the ingredient that will protect the scalp and supports its regeneration.

Source: healthherbs365.com

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