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A Real Miracle! This Homemade Remedy Can Cure Cracked Heels, Calluses and Varicose Veins – in Just 10 Days!

The home remedy that we are presenting today can eliminate calluses success, blisters, corns and the thick, rough skin of the feet in less than two weeks, while his feet are younger than 20 years are at the same time! Continue reading below to see how to prepare and use it.


Most people think of cracked heels as an aesthetic problem, but the truth is they can get deeper and more painful if left untreated, and dirt can accumulate in them causing a painful infection that could really complicate things. This is why experts recommend early detection and reaction in order to prevent bigger problems. Thickening of the skin on the feet is caused by excess dead skin cells resulting in poor circulation and elasticity, but fortunately, the problem can be solved with a pumice stone or a file that can remove the dead skin after a shower. Avoid sharp when removing dead skin from your feet, because they can remove infections of the skin and cause even healthy objects.

The homemade recipe that will help heal cracked heels 2 contains only natural ingredients and provide results within 10 days! Here’s how to prepare:


10 tablets of aspirin

250 ml. brandy (or medicinal alcohol 70%)

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The process is simple – just crush the aspirin tablets and mix them with cognac, and then let the infusion mixture in for a couple of days. Stir the mixture well every night, and if prepared, dip a piece of gauze and apply on the affected part of your heel. Then wrap the heel with a plastic bag and put on his socks, and then go to sleep and leave the choice to work overnight.

In the morning, remove the cheesecloth bag and plastic, and then wash your feet with warm water and apply your favorite nutritious cream or glycerin to soften skin. Repeat treatment every night before going to bed and in only 10 days, the heels will be smooth and soft.

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