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A Plant That Destroys Cancer Cells: 10 000 Times Stronger Than Chemotherapy

Studies secret since the 1970s have shown that a single plant can kill cancer cells 10,000 times better than chemotherapy. The plant is called graviola or soursop, and has powerful immune boosting properties that will strengthen your body and help fight cancer.

The soursop fruit can kill cancer cells without adverse side effects and is considered a viable cure cancer. The fruit can be found in Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and the Caribbean and in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. It grows in warm, moist places and not very big. Each part of the graviola can be used for the treatment of many diseases.


The plant is primarily known for its ability to treat cancer. According to research, it can kill tumor cells fight bacterial infections, lower blood pressure, cure asthma and help with depression, stress and nervous disorders. The plant can destroy cancer cells specifically and have no adverse side effects. Graviola extract has been found as very effective against 12 different types of cancer.

The fruit will strengthen and protect your immune system while preventing infections and improve their welfare.

Deceptions with graviola

Many companies have tried to patent graviola, but their plans have failed, because they are not patentable natural ingredients. Nor can produce a genetically modified plant such as graviola as the fruit does not allow replication. If the plant whole world is popular, large pharmaceutical companies lose a lot of money chemotherapy, which is why the graviola is kept secret from the public.

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Although the health benefits of the plant have been known since the 70s, no more than a few doctors mentioned. The last is worth mentioning the research was conducted at the Catholic University of South Korea, and due to pressure from pharmaceutical companies, further research is in the air.

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