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A new way to get rid of campaign signals

How to get rid of all those campaign cues after an election? An 11-year-old Lafayette boy has found a solution.

If you drive anywhere in the state at this time, you will find many political signs.

If a candidate wins and is elected, then he may want to collect those signals for use in another campaign.

The same could be said of the losers, but what about the signs that are not collected? There really isn't a market for those recycled posters, but a young man from Lafayette has found a solution.

Trey Bishop, son of state representative Stuart Bishop, joined The Ross Report to talk with Carol Ross about his idea of ​​recycling those posters.

The young man asked his father and mother, Kim Bishop, to help him make multiple phone calls to learn more about how he could solve this problem.

It has a whole story to tell.


Source: https://kpel965.com/a-new-way-to-get-rid-of-campaign-signs/

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