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A Month Before A Heart Attack, Your Body Gives You A Warning – These Are The 6 Signs!

The leading cause of death in the US! It is a heart attack, and that is why in order to prevent, is of great importance to know the symptoms of heart attack

the main factor is the reason for such a large number of heart attack cases in the US is the unhealthy lifestyle that many people have, which means that the best way to prevent a heart attack is to have a healthy lifestyle. Actually you can save your life if symptoms of heart attack, as you can notice a month before it actually occurs are known.


1.Shortness of breath. This will happen when the lungs do not get enough blood to function normally. Everyone should understand that the lungs and heart act as a group so that on the off chance that one of them has a problem, which affects the other. That is why breathlessness is connected to the heart assault.

2. pressure in the chest. chest pressure or pain may be another indicator of a heart attack. This is because the pressure in the chest or pain will increase when the potential heart attack actually approaches. This type of pain can also spread to the arms, back and shoulders.

3. Dizziness and cold sweats. What could be the reason for dizziness and cold sweat is reduced blood supply to the brain and that means there is poor circulation of blood. If your body feels damp and evil and your brain is not working properly, then all these can be indicators of a heart attack.

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4. flu or cold. Many people who survived a heart attack claim that before experiencing heart attack symptoms of flu or cold, which shows the relationship between cold and flu heart attack.

5. Body weakness. What could be the reason for the weakness of the body and muscles weakened less blood flow and poor blood circulation. This is one of the early symptoms of heart attack.

6. Fatigue. So what should never be ignored is if you feel tired all the time

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