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A DIY Cure For Swollen Legs – Homemade Tea That Works In Days

These days people are much swollen legs. It is a big problem due to unhealthy life style or genes, or even work.

legs swell as many reasons impact this like obesity, pregnancy, premenstrual syndrome and cycle, poor diet and poor circulation. You can also trigger form moisture or changing times.

Gravity also plays an important role in this. Fluid lower leg because of this. It causes pain and discomfort and reduce this inflammation elevate your legs at least 30 cm upwards.


So the good news is that there is no solution for this. It is parsley tea that removes excess water.

This tea is a diuretic, by nature, and many studies showed that it is healthy for the entire body.

is diuretic, as it makes urine flow and osmosis also inhibits sodium and potassium pumps too. But, it has potassium in itself and has no impact on the mineral. Therefore, the daily intake of parsley tea is without side effects.

A lot of different studies showed that parsley is also beneficial to pressure problems and diuretics problems.

Many herbalists have acclaimed that everyone should have 64 oz parsley tea a day to cure edema too.for even better results are in raw and organic form, leaves and roots and seeds also are included!

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Follow the rules below to make this tea.

First, boil ½ liter of water and then chop the parsley. Add the parsley 5 tablespoon water to boil a little more. Cool and strain.


it 3 times a day and after a few days you will have no problem.

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