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A Chemical in the Colgate Toothpaste Can Lead to Cancer


We all know the most famous Colgate toothpaste. You and many more use this only.

However, a recent study has declared a dangerous chemical called Triclosa inside and this makes cancer grow faster and cause other problems as well.

A study in the journal Chemical Research in Toxicology stated that the chemical makes cancer cells more in number. In previous years there were many studies and all agreed that this chemical product.

Triclosan filtered and prevents skin work and endocrine hormones also. That’s not all;

Many laundry detergents, hand cleaners and deodorizers also have it.

A study published in the journal Chemical Research Toxicology that this causes cancer.

is really dangerous if it seeps into the skin and will even blood. It can cause hormonal damage.

However, many studies say this and still Colgate is the most sought there pulp. Only Canada banned this triclosan.

The government of our country is still silent on this matter and that this ban only if a disaster, as with the case of asbestos and PCBs DT occurs.

In general, choose what they buy and next time maybe we can at least switch to other brands.

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