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9 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Oily Nose

Excess oil in the skin plays a crucial role in the deterioration of our beauty. Most oil accumulates in the nose, which is the main problem for people with oily skin. This oily nose becomes a haven for dust, grease and clogged pores that make her look terrible. A lot of people around the world face this problem. And they are waiting impatiently for solutions that help keep your nose free oil. Today, this article describes some natural ways to help in this regard.

Here are some ways to get rid of oily nose

1. Lemon:

lemon works great to remove excess dirt and tenacious nose. The skin is cleansed. It is very effective in preventing excess fat from the nose. It is necessary to take two or three drops of lemon juice and mixed with sugar. Dip a cotton ball in this solution. Wipe your nose with this cotton ball. This process must be followed by two or three times a day. This technique is well known to be beneficial in removing excess oil from the nose.


2. Almond:

Almond is one of the natural ingredients used in removing excess oil from the nose. This ingredient readily available increases the brightness and radiance to the nose. All you have to do is just take one of finely ground almonds and. Add a small amount of honey to the almond paste. Apply this solution to your nose with a cotton swab. Let the mixture rest in the nose for fifteen minutes. Later, wash the skin with water. You can try this method on a regular basis.

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3. Sandalwood powder:

sandalwood powder has been in use since ancient times to the elimination of various skin problems. It works quite effectively in reducing excess fat from the nose. Take some sandalwood powder. Add a little milk for the powder. The combination of these ingredients together. Apply this solution on the nose. Let the paste dry naturally in the nose for fifteen minutes. Then wash the nose with cold water. sandalwood powder, in fact, acts as a cooling agent of the skin. In addition to making your nose free oil also removes stains from it.


4. Mint:

Another fantastic remedy that removes excess fat from the skin is mint. Take small amount of mint juice and mix with a little yogurt. Mix these ingredients thoroughly and apply it on the nose. Let the paste dry for fifteen to twenty minutes. Use cold water to rinse the solution of the nose. This solution is very useful for not only make your skin free of fat, but also makes it look brighter and younger.

Peppermint Leaves With Rose Water

5. Tomato juice:

Tomato acts as an incomparable natural tonic. One of the main benefits of tomato beauty is to make oil-free skin. Take a small piece of tomato and puree in a food processor. Apply tomato puree on the nose with a cotton ball. Wait a while and then rinse with cold water. Keep doing this process two or three times a week to get oil free skin.

Tomato juice

6. Apple cider vinegar:

An alpha-hydroxy acid in the ACV is very beneficial in the destruction of dead skin layers. Thus, dirt is removed from his nose. Take some apple cider vinegar and combine it with a small amount of distilled water. This mixture should be applied in the nose with a cotton swab. This mixture should be left for ten minutes. Then simply water should be used for washing the nose. Follow this process for two weeks notice the desired results.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

7. Eggs:

high protein content in the egg radiates the skin naturally. Egg when applied keeps excess oil at bay. First, a grape must be crushed. Add one egg white to crushed grapes. Also, add a few drops of lemon juice to this mixture. Smear this mixture into the nose. Massaging for some time. the mixture of the nose after fifteen minutes washing.


8. Cucumber:

cooling and soothing properties wonder cucumber work in reducing excess fat from the nose. In fact, it works as a natural astringent. Take a slice of cucumber and rub noses with her. Follow this remedy before bedtime. Wash your skin in the morning to get rid of excess fat nose. Make this remedy on a daily basis.

Cucumber Slices

9. Yogurt:

This common ingredient is known for its amazing health benefits. Yogurt is also very effective in offering you a beautiful skin. excess oil from the skin is absorbed. Just take some yogurt. To add small amounts of oatmeal and honey. Mix these ingredients thoroughly. Pour this solution into your palm and apply it on the nose. Let the solution remain in the nose for twenty minutes. Then use running water to wash it.

Egg White, Avocado & Yogurt

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