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9 Life Changing Things That Happen To You When You Get Outside More

9 Life Changing Things That Happen To You When You Get Outside More

If you’re like most, you probably feel better after going outside. But did you know that science supports really know? Research has found that spending time outdoors can actually make you healthier, as they head to the mountains, the beach, lake or forest. Getting outside helps your body and your brain.

1. You’ll have a better short-term memory

In a study by University of Michigan students were given a memory test short before splitting into two separate groups. One group went for a walk down a street in the city, while the other took a walk through a botanical garden. When they returned, both groups took the test again, and those who had walked through the trees made almost 20% better than they did the first time. The other group saw no consistent improvement.

The researchers concluded that spending time in nature was able to improve memory more than walking through an urban environment. It is the first study to discover this, and many people know firsthand that tend to recharge better when relaxing in a natural environment, compared to a busy city street.

2. You can age more gracefully

Research conducted in 2008 in Jerusalem, Israel Hebrew University Hadassah Medical Center found that go out every day may help older people stay healthy and enjoy a better quality of life throughout.

Spending time outdoors also helps reduce stress, and stress can contribute to premature aging, which offers double the benefit when it comes to aging more gracefully. Another benefit is weight loss – and with age, which can be difficult to maintain an ideal weight. This is because b Foreign er makes the exercise feels easier and more enjoyable – which means they are more likely to get moving outdoors, and for a longer period of time. Even if you’re not really trying to exercise some outdoor elements, such as mountains, can contribute directly to weight loss. In fact, just spending time in the higher elevations of altitude can help a shed pounds as the highest elevation is known to increase metabolism and even reduce the desire to eat.

3. feel happier

get outdoors and spend time in nature it makes people feel more alive, according to a study published in the June 2010 Journal of Psychology environmental . That’s because, in addition to reducing stress, offering a shift to a more positive mood, with the theory behind this is that it is natural that respond better to something that is good for us. Moreover, daylight tends to elevate mood, and unless you live in a glass house, you’ll probably get more sunlight outside of what you would inside.

Richard Ryan, lead author and professor of psychology at the University of Rochester said: “Nature is fuel for the soul Often when we feel depleted, you get a cup of coffee, but. research suggests a better way to get energized is to connect with nature. ”

4. You may heal faster

In 2005, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh reported that patients who underwent spinal surgery experienced less pain and had fewer pain medications during recovery when natural sunlight is exposed.

If you are able to get out in the sun and work in a garden, can offer even greater curative effects, according to a study published in Scientific American.

Claire Cooper Marcus, an emeritus professor of landscape architecture at the University of California, Berkeley, told the publication: “Spend time interacting with nature in a well designed garden will not cure your cancer or cure a bad burned leg. But there is good evidence that it can reduce their levels of pain and stress and, in doing so, boost your immune system in ways that allow your own body and other treatments to help heal “.

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This is a nutrient that can be difficult to get enough of strictly food, because very few naturally carry it, so most of us get between 80 and 90 percent of this vitamin sunlight, according to Dr. Michael F. Holick, MD, Ph.D. professor of medicine, physiology and biophysics at the Medical Center of Boston University who has studied and published in vitamin D for decades.

Holick says that even if you are eating a healthy diet, there is still a good chance you are not getting enough vitamin D. Without enough of this vitamin, it may be lack of protection benefits all, from cancer and depression to heart attacks and strokes. However, the good news is that all you need to do to ensure that your body is doing its own vitamin D is to get out in the sun for about 15 minutes at least a couple of days a week.

One caveat is that most sunscreens effectively block UVB light, which is the part of the spectrum that causes sunburn, but also the type that triggers the generation of vitamin D in the skin . That means, you’ll have to get some limited time outdoors in the sun without sunscreen, like going for a short, 15-minute walk. You still want to be diligent in using sunscreen liberally when outdoors for long periods of time, however,

6. That will do something good for the heart

Japanese scientists have been reporting on the benefits to relieve stress bath forest, or Shinrin-yoku health and decades. Researchers have found that the practice of going for a walk in the woods can lower blood pressure, pulse and heart rate variability and reduce levels of the stress hormone. all these benefits support good heart health.

Numerous studies have found that exercise in the forest as well as a glance at the trees has the ability to reduce blood pressure as well as the related stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline . Just looking at pictures of trees is similar, though much less dramatic effects. And since stress inhibits immune system, stress the benefits of forests, and health benefits of the resulting heart, are magnified even more.

7. You can reduce inflammation in your body

Inflammation plays a role in a wide range of health conditions, including things like arthritis and appendicitis – diseases with “itis” at the end forming the names of specific inflammatory diseases. There are many other health problems that can be triggered at least in part by inflammation as well as heart disease, autoimmune disorders, certain cancers, Alzheimer’s disease and even obesity.

While inflammation is a natural process that the body uses to respond to threats as an injury as a toe out, and pathogens, such as when exposed to the flu, when going to high gear, which is when problems can occur.

Fortunately, spending time outdoors in nature can help keep inflammation under control. Researchers at the Hospital and Zhejiang Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Geriatrics in China found that when students spent time in the woods, had lower levels of inflammation compared with students who spent time in the city. In another study, elderly patients were sent on a journey of one week in the woods. When they returned, they showed reduced signs of inflammation as well as positive effects on hypertension.

Moreover, while in the sun to get the daily dose of vitamin D, which also helps to reduce inflammation. That’s because when you’re injured or is fighting a flu virus, the immune system responds with inflammation, as noted above. That’s the good kind of inflammation that helps heal a wound or fight infection. Once that has been successful, the fever disappears, or the wound heals. Vitamin D is an important part of that process, as it tells the immune system to “turn off” the inflammatory response when the job is done.

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A study published in Journal of Environmental Psychology revealed that mental fatigue can be overcome, and mental energy renewed by spending of time outdoors in nature, and even just by looking at the images of nature – although, think that the effects would be greater because feel those warm rays on the skin, inhalation of fresh air and hear the sounds of birdsong.

You probably do not need researchers to tell which stands in awe of glorious beauty of nature, as marveling at a sparkling lake or an idyllic beach on the edge of a cerulean sea, it is a great way to get a mental boost, although experts have scientifically proven that it does.

9. You have a better chance of a longer life

The health effects of being outdoors in the “green space” seem almost endless. Dutch researchers found that a wide range of diseases tend to be less frequent among those who live near green spaces, and other studies have linked directly spend time in the woods, as noted above, because it contributes to better health general.


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9 Life Changing Things That Happen To You When You Get Outside More

9 changed his life things that happen when you get outside More

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