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9 Effective Remedies for Chigger Bites (You Have At Home)

9 Effective Remedies for Chigger Bites

Imagine for a moment that there was a little monster of the same family like scorpions and spiders. It was so small, in fact, you could barely see without a microscope. However, this little creature was capable of causing insanity inducing itching spitting on your skin.

These creatures exist and while the name “chigger bites” are a misnomer, these small horrible creatures certainly can cause intense itching with his spit. is Trombiculidae or trombiculid mites. You may hear them called chiggers, mites harvest, cutting mites, lice, bedbugs red harvest, berries and insects a number of other names. They are so small that almost can not be seen without a magnifying glass or microscope. Chiggers tend to congregate in shady areas with lots of vegetation and can be found in the cut grass, tall grass and overgrown and wooded areas.

A female can lay hundreds of eggs, and once hatched, all of them tend to stay in the same area. For this reason, you can find hundreds of chiggers in a general area and not finding any a few yards away. full grown, these tiny mites (which are cousins ​​of spiders and scorpions), measures only 1/150 inch, which are very difficult to see or avoid.

If you’ve ever had an encounter with these small, you should be aware of the uncomfortable effects that can cause. They leave itchy welts sometimes called chigger bites, but actually do not bite at all

: chigger. Not bite at all …

The itchy welts left by these small red mites are commonly called chigger bites, although not actually bite at all.

one chigger larvae can join a human host, although not biting. You can cling to the skin, a person does not even feel due to its small size. Contrary to many assumptions, which do not lay an egg on the skin or even bite the skin.

Instead, chiggers drill microscopic holes in the skin with the mouth and then specialized salivary enzymes (saliva aka-) on the skin are secreted. See … technically not a bite (I know, I know, too-may-toe, to-mah-toe).

These enzymes cause the skin to break, so chiggers decomposition sorber can essentially skin through a straw-like tube. Disgusted?

  • these insects tend to focus more delicate skin around the ankles, waist, groin, and behind the knees
  • blisters that itch are more common around the waist and lower legs, since these are the easiest to chiggers to reach
  • what begins as itching soon becomes red bumps that can be seen as small blisters
  • these intense itching for several days before crusting and may have a crust for several weeks
  • the initial itching may be strong enough to keep the reader at night (I can attest to this!)
  • Our experience with chiggers

    vaguely remember getting chiggers a few times when I was a child, but recently had an experience with which he triumphed over any of my past experiences.

    our family trip camping, all our children were exposed to chiggers. they did not realize the first day, but the next morning, her legs were covered with red welts that itch.

    Normally, this would not be a big problem, because chiggers are not dangerous and do not spread the disease (that we know). However, the itching was so bad that kept the kids at night and I was afraid that would end up with scars all over her legs from scratching.

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    Since I was waiting to finally sleep again, I started researching ways to get rid of these hives and itching. I even called a local entomologist for some professional recommendations.

    remedies that do not work

    Thanks to my six subjects more than willing test, I discovered natural remedies that work for chigger bites (and many do not). But first, here’s what went wrong:

    • Nail – I could not find where it originated, but the common advice of chiggers is to paint bites with nail polish, because “suffocates” the chigger. As we now know, this does not work because it is not a bite and nothing stays on the skin at this point. At best, this does not work and at worst, we are putting toxic nail polish directly on an open wound
    • Aspirin -. We did not actually try this remedy, and I wouldn ‘t recommend it, at least not without the supervision of a doctor. I have not found any evidence that this works and because the substances can be absorbed through the skin, actually this could be dangerous for children, pregnant women, or anyone with a medical condition.

    Natural remedies for chigger

    If you’ve ever experienced the terrible itching caused by the larvae of chigger, you know you will do almost anything to make it stop . Thanks to our recent chigger infestation, which had plenty of opportunities to try natural remedies for itching. These are the remedies that actually worked:

    1. A hot shower

    The best way to stop is chiggers rid of them before they begin to stick and spitting on the skin. This prevents itching completely. I think this is also the reason that the baby and I were less affected by chiggers. You can take chiggers a few hours to find a place to cling to the skin and start drilling. If you can remove them during this window, you can often avoid the problem altogether.

    Our family was exposed to chiggers on a recent camping trip. We were camping near the city, so when our two younger kids got cranky, we took him home, gave them a bath and slept in our own beds. I have also taken a shower that night and the next morning, the three of us had only 1-2 bites each. The rest of the kids and my husband spent the night and had dozens of hives and itching.

    If you think you may have been exposed to chiggers, shower hot water within the first hour or so can help remove the skin. Obvious other measures such as using soap and rubbing the skin can also help.

    2. Sodium Bicarbonate Scrub

    These work best soon after exposure, but can help even once sets severe itching. It’s also super simple. Just make a paste of equal parts sodium bicarbonate and water and rub on the skin in the shower. Leave on for a few seconds before showering outside.

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    Fair WARNING- it itches like crazy, but it really helps stop the itching and it is better to stay up all night itching.

    3. Pour salt into the wound

    Like the solution of sodium bicarbonate, this is going to sting, but it helps. The traditional advice is to mix a little salt in some vapor rub. I’d recommend using a natural Vapo-RUB ointment or homemade instead of ( like this ) to prevent oil derivatives, though.

    The theory is that menthol in the Vapo-RUB help relieve itching and salt helps neutralize the spit causing itching.

    Whatever the science, this seemed to work better. I mixed some Real Salt vapor rub my pre-made and offered some relief for children.

    4. Or sprinkle it on

    A spray of salt water and herbal tea also seemed to help. I made a strong chamomile tea and added a few tablespoons of natural salt. I kept this in a glass spray bottle in the fridge and some cooling and soothing relief for itching offered.

    5. Castor oil

    This is an old remedy that suggested entomologist. It seemed to work, though not the most effective remedy we tried. If you have castor oil around it might be worth a try though. We dried small amounts in the bumps and did offer some relief from itching.

    6. Diatomaceous earth

    A remedy tried before I realized that chigger bites are not actually a chigger larvae embedded under the skin as is often asserted. Still, this worked very well. My theory is that it kills any remaining chigger and blows dried to reduce itching.

    I am also now using this as a preventive measure. Diatomaceous earth has many uses and can kill many small pests naturally. I’ll be sprinkling in our socks and boots the next time the camp!

    7. Natural Itch Cream

    Many sources also recommends the use of calamine lotion to relieve itching. I have not had this in hand, but have my natural itch homemade ice cream it worked like a charm. Either that should help relieve itching.

    8. Cooling Aloe Vera (fresh gel or )

    Mix 1/4 cup aloe vera and a drop of essential oil mint . Rub the skin to relieve itching.

    9. Bathrooms magnesium

    found that my detox baths did calm the itching, but a flat or magnesium Epsom salt bath worked better. Add 1 cup Epsom salt or magnesium flakes a hot bath. They have those? just try adding a little baking soda instead of pasta before.

    How to Never Get chigger bites another person

    All that insatiable itch could be avoided by not getting chigger bites (sputum) in the first place. Some research led to a more balanced solution and we are taking these steps to avoid another confrontation with chiggers:

    1. Wearing long pants and long socks to help prevent chiggers to get into the body at all
    2. liberally using bug spray any time we are out until the first frost. (Apparently, the first frost kills most chiggers)
    3. Sprinkling diatomaceous earth on shoes and socks
    4. Take showers with hot water immediately after potential exposure

    ever had chigger bites? How did you survive?

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