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9 Common Household Items That Cause Cancer. #6 Surprised Me!

Companies that manufacture our products, again and again, have been found to not take into account our global security by adding ingredients products that endanger our lives. The truth is that their welfare does not matter. What matters is that they make their millions. The information is readily available to counteract these products. Here are 9 common household items that cause cancer.

1. Ajax cleanser.

By 1994, the road safety data documented material Crystaline silica is toxic, and yet, even today, is not labeled as such in the products that carry it. Ajax cleaners brand, but perhaps effective, contains Crystaline silica. CS is known to cause cancer and irritate the skin, eyes and lungs.

2. non-organic milk.

How is that milk could be as bad for you? Only leaves the cow and goes directly to you, right? Well, it is not that milk is dangerous in itself, but what goes into the cow that should cause alarm. Antibiotics, heptachlor, deildrin, hexachlorobenzene, DDT, rBGH and IGF-1 are all feeding cows who live under strict organic certification. Each of these ingredients are carcinogenic among other things.

3. Flea collars.

Living in the Pacific Northwest means one thing: fleas. They are everywhere here, so it’s important to counteract them at all times. It is possible to reach a flea collar, but with capacity and check the ingredients. flea collars containing propoxur should be avoided. Is a neurotoxin and a carcinogen as well.

Having a dog is allergic to flea bites it makes flea mitigation super important. My vet recommended that I try a prescription drug called Bravecto new standard. It lasts for 3 months, so you only have to resubir quarterly, and have not seen a flea since I started it. It is also non-toxic to pets at any dose. Take a look.

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