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9 Best Anti Aging Facial Exercises to Reduce Wrinkles and Sagging Skin on Face

Get rid of wrinkles and sagging skin on the face

Wrinkles are lines or wrinkles on the skin surface. Usually wrinkles appear as we age. As age increases our skin becomes drier and less elastic thin and begins to sag. Wrinkles are divided into two categories: surface lines and deep furrows. There are several factors that cause wrinkles, such as sun exposure, smoking, genetics, and even facial expressions. Sun exposure is the most important cause of premature skin aging. Smoking leads to premature skin aging and wrinkles on the face. Every time we make an expression, a groove is formed in the skin. When we are young, the skin is able to quickly return to its original state. But as they age, the skin is less able to return to its soft state and a fold is formed. The fold deepens as the skin loses its elasticity more.

There are a number of things you can try to get rid of wrinkles and aging skin on your face. You can use over-the-counter anti-aging skin creams, it can be subjected to high-tech treatments such as laser treatments and microdermabrasion to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin on the face. You can also try simple home remedies to reduce fine lines and deep wrinkles on the face. In addition to all previous anti wrinkle measures, there is another natural and effective way in which you can fight wrinkles: facial exercises. face exercise is the best anti aging natural secret.

The best exercises to reduce facial wrinkles

Described below are 9 facial exercises that will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin face naturally.

1. Chin Exercise for sagging skin under the chin and jowls

Opens mouth as wide as possible while still feeling comfortable. Release the tongue and hold for 60 seconds. This exercise helps to firm sagging skin under the chin and jowls. He works the muscles of the chin, neck and sides of the mouth.

2. The exercise of eyes for wrinkles

Place both middle fingers at the inner corner of the eyebrows. Place your index fingers on the outer corner of the eyebrows and apply pressure to the outside. Then look up and raise your lower eyelids up, squinting hard. Hold for a few seconds and then release.

repeat the whole process 6 times and finally tighten eyes closed for 10 seconds.

This facial exercise works the muscles around the eyes and delays the appearance of crow’s feet, drooping eyelids, and reduces puffiness around the eyes and swollen eyes

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3. exercise eyebrow forehead wrinkles

This exercise front horizontal reduce the appearance of fine lines on the forehead. Place your hands in front with palms facing inward. Extend your fingers to cover his forehead. Now, put your fingers outward through his forehead. You must apply slight pressure so that there is a little stretching of the skin. This method should be repeated 10 times


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4. eye exercises to tighten facial drooping eyelids and reduce deep eye sockets

This exercise minimizes fall face eyebrows and eyes deep holes. Place your index finger under each eye, with fingers pointing at each other. Forming an ‘O’ shape with his mouth. His upper lip and the bottom lip should not meet but should cover the teeth. Now, look up and fluttered her eyelids superior for 30 seconds.

5. Exercise for the neck of a firm neck

place fingers in the back of his neck. With his head tilted back, gently rub the neck descending order. Bring your head back on his chest. Repeat this step 2 times.

Then push the outer lip as far as you can. This should pull the corners of the mouth down. Now, place your fingers on your collarbone. Your chin should point upwards. Hold this position while breathing deeply 4 times

This facial exercise causes sagging skin on the firmer neck and reduces the appearance of neck wrinkles and lines

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6. facial exercise to reduce cheek Line

Make an ‘O’ shape with his mouth while hiding your teeth with your lips. Now smile as wide as possible without exposing your teeth. Repeat this step 6 times.

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Next, place the index finger on his chin while he is smiling with teeth hidden. Move your jaw up and down while slowly tilting the head back. Repeat this step 2 times.

cheek lines are visibly reduced by this face exercise. This anti aging facial exercise is also good for sagging skin.

7. The exercise of the forehead to get rid of frown lines between the eyebrows

This exercise will smooth the forehead by exercising the muscles around eyes and forehead. In effect, it makes the damaging of a frown lines disappear.

Widen your eyes and try to expose as much of the white of the eye as possible. Hold this position until your eyes begin to water.

8. The exercise of the nose for a nose Signature

This exercise keeps his nose look young and firm.

Place your thumb and index finger of this guy who’s pinching the nose and push inward toward your face. Place your other index finger on the tip of the nose and push up. At the same time, pull your upper lip over the teeth. This will stretch the muscles of the nose. Hold for a second and then release. You should feel the tip of his nose pushing against your index finger to know that you are doing the exercise correctly.

This exercise should be repeated 40 times.

9. Facial exercise to reduce crow’s feet around the eyes

This exercise prevents the formation of wrinkles by firming the area around the eyes.

The first step of this exercise is to lift the lower eyelids and then release them without moving any facial muscle. Then place your fingers on the outer fold of the crow’s feet and apply a light pressure. However, do not pull or drag the skin. Now, new lower eyelids lift

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Make sure your skin is hydrated before attempting this anti aging facial exercise in order to prevent damage to the skin.

Try these anti aging facial exercises to get rid of wrinkles and sagging skin’s natural in front of naturally in the country.

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