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8 Ways To Deal With Low Blood Glucose Levels

If your glucose levels in the blood are falling then it means that you are suffering from either diabetes or some kind of has been neglecting your diet. low levels of sugar or glucose levels are accompanied with poor vision, blurred vision, lightheadedness and dizziness, etc. However, medication is not always the solution for improving your blood sugar or glucose. The problem is known as hypoglycemia and here are some quick home remedies for managing them.

Here are 8 ways to cope with low levels of blood glucose

1. Do not skip meals

the best way to manage or even reduce your chances of having low levels of blood glucose would avoid skipping meals. Skipping meals result in a lack of supply of sugar in the blood and this in turn leads to a drastic drop in glucose levels. if you are in a hurry then even grab a piece of fruit or cheese. Eating meals during the day, especially small meals that are not very large in part it will be given comprehensive nutrition along with the assurance that you are able to maintain and control healthy blood sugar or glucose levels.

Don't Skip Meals

2. Have some sugar

The next best thing you can do here is to have some practical sugar. This could be something as simple as having a spoon or two of sugar when you feel dizzy, lemonade, glucose tablets, glucose gel or even some kind of candy that is useful to get enough sugar to stabilize itself.

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Have some Sugar

3. Keep an emergency kit

If you are prone to low glucose levels blood in and out due to diabetes or other medical problems, then it is suggested to keep a first aid kit or emergency kit handy. This would be useful in emergencies and should show family members how to use it.

Keep An Emergency Kit

4. Keep Prescription Drugs practical

prescription drugs, such as glucagon are highly recommended for people who are constantly suffering from low levels of blood glucose. Doing so is essential if you have a sudden attack of low blood sugar and can not access any other form of sugar.

Keep Prescription Medicines Handy

5. Honey

Honey is a great natural source of sugar, which is highly recommended for people suffering from diabetes. If you experience symptoms that are near low levels of blood sugar, then you should have a honey lemonade immediately or just suck in 1-2 tablespoons of honey.


6. Avoid driving, walking or standing

If you feel that your levels sugar has dropped and you are experiencing dizziness, it is best to avoid driving, walking or even standing. Just find a place near you and sit. Pop a tablet or sugar if it takes one or just wait outside until you feel better. The movements during these phases are only going to make things worse.

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7. It has high protein and carbohydrate snacks value

is advised that you regularly snack high in protein and carbohydrate snacks. These could include cheese and crackers or similar alternatives that are not high in calories, but enough to give some relief. the feeling of prolonged hunger are more common causes of low levels of blood glucose. Remember to avoid overdose of sugar in these cases, as it can only be adding unnecessary calories here. only enough fuel to maintain healthy glucose levels.

Have high protein and carb snacks

8. A use CGM

Always use a continuous glucose monitor or CGM accessible to you . This would be beneficial to keep track of their blood sugar levels. Therefore, if you go down and then you can easily follow it and have some source of sugar in advance.


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