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8 Top Reasons Why Your Partner Should Be With You During Childbirth

The idea of ​​a child at home is a delight. However, the actual process of bringing a baby into this world is not such a pleasant one. Ask any woman who has given birth vaginally, and you know what you’re talking about. Natural childbirth is one of the most painful experiences a woman goes through in her life. And the only way to relieve the pain is to provide all the support you need in the delivery room. This is just one of the many reasons why the husband or partner must be in the delivery room during childbirth.


Here are some reasons why your partner should be there with you when you give birth to your child.

1. Help you deal with the pain

The pain that you go through during childbirth can be unbearable. labor pain is both physiological and psychological. As the contractions become stronger, and the pain is severe, all kinds of fears and doubts begin creeping into your mind. You could rely on painkillers to relieve pain but they have risks. At that time, make your partner at your side, whispering positive and encouraging words can be helpful.

2. Physical Support

Who can be better than her husband to celebrate their hand to help him endure the pain, or massaging the back pain? Sometimes the active work can last from 12 to 14 hours for first time mothers. At such times, your partner can help distract you from pain. From helping sit or lie down comfortably in bed, massaging his feet to let the hand is squeezed to help you endure the pain, you need your partner to give you all the hardware you need in the delivery room.

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3. Emotional support helps you maintain a positive


With the chaos that creates pain in your mind, you can easily lose your focus and start thinking negatively. The excruciating pain may cause fear if you can get through the birthing process. Labor pains are as psychological as they are physiological. If you have a fear of complications during delivery or if you have previously had a bitter experience in labor, pain can increase. But if you have a positive outlook and believe you can handle it well, the pain would be significantly lower. Given that, having a partner that can help you maintain a positive attitude and keep your mood in the workroom becomes even more important.

4. Breathe well

prenatal classes If you and your partner have attended, and then have it during labor can be helpful. Remember and applying everything they have learned about the birth process can be difficult when you are in pain. That is when your partner can remind you to breathe, to calm and relax himself.

5. Communicate with the medical staff on behalf of

After her mother and her best friend, who is perhaps your partner who knows you best. Your partner is, in fact, the only person who would have been with you through nine months of pregnancy. Overall, it would have made a birth plan. If so, your partner may know precisely how you want the childbirth experience is. When you’re in a lot of pain and unable to think clearly because of it, your spouse can give voice to their concerns and fears, and make important decisions about you and the baby with a clear head.

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6. Understand your pain

Being in the delivery room that will allow your partner to be closely involved in the birth process. While it may not be able to carry the baby or endure pain for you, which can help you deal better with it. To get involved in the process from the beginning, to attend prenatal classes for holding your hand and breathe in unison with you in the delivery room, it will give a sense of purpose in all this. More than anything, get a better understanding of what women go through when they give birth.

7. The event log

In addition to the support in the delivery room, your partner may also be the one to register the birth in the camera for you.

8. To announce the birth

When it is at rest after a grueling test to bring your bundle of joy in the world is her husband, who can reach your family and friends to announce the arrival of your little one.

Although most women want their partners in the delivery room during childbirth, some choose not to. Remember that it is entirely up to you to decide who comes into the delivery room with you. But if you and your partner have been preparing for the big day together, and then have it with you and giving birth is just what you need

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