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8 Primary Causes Why We Have A Bloated Tummy

Bloating it is one of the most frequent complaints we hear from people. It can be uncomfortable and can affect the confidence of a person and how they feel about their bodies.

The good news is that the reasons why you feel bloated was finally established, and with this, it is now easy to find cures and treatments that could reduce the swelling of her belly.

frequent swelling is curable, as long as you know the eight underlying causes:

– Food intolerance causes inflammation in the digestive system which can irritate the intestines!

– This is a condition in which the body’s cells become resistant to insulin effect

-. Skipping meals is also one of the reasons why you feel bloated. Eating a lot of food after skipping the first meal makes your stomach to swell!

4. Intestinal overgrowth of yeast

– Antibiotics are the main reasons that cause excessive growth intestinal yeast!

– The main reasons for gluten sensitivity are changes in wheat that happened through the years!

– Most people do not know what food is best to be combined so ended up feeling bloated!

7. deficiency of digestive enzymes

– These are the reasons that cause enzyme deficiency 1 ) chronic stress; 2) bacterial overgrowth of yeast; 3) low stomach acidity; 4) aging; 5) food intolerances.

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8. bacterial overgrowth or intestinal parasites

– One of the worst reasons is that your small intestine can be containing parasites that make you feel bloated


There are many causes swelling that a doctor is looking for, and this is usually a very treatable condition. It is normal to have to loosen your pants every night after dinner, or too swollen at the end of the day to go out and socialize.

hope this short article had given a starting point for improving your digestive health.

(Source: EverydayHealth)

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